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FS: FlightScope Mevo ($300 Shipped)


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Selling my Flightscope Mevo personal launch monitor, original purchase in in April 2020.

I don't have the USB charging cable that came with it, but I do have one that works just fine that will be included (cable not pictured).

Asking $300 shipped, prefer Paypal or Zelle for payment.

DM if interested.


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  • iacas changed the title to FS: FlightScope Mevo ($300 Shipped)
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Admin/Mods - after letting this simmer here for a couple weeks, I am going to post this on some local buy/sell websites. Not sure if you want to lock this thread, or if it is okay to leave it up until it sells in case a member stumbles upon this. If left up and it does sell outside TST, I will make a post as sold.

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