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    • Day 22- random iron practice and some block practice with the driver (which is a strength of my game).  Finished with short game practice chips and putts to mimic real play. Great session for me!
    • I can't play alone anymore. I used to,  but now I feel that alone rounds are by definition practice rounds, and I think my practice time is better used on the range, or practice green, etc.  I have lost interest in just  social rounds, with nothing riding on it. Ditto for getting paired up with random folks, no patience for it.  I might feel different if I could treat  round as truly a practice round, and throw out extra balls, or take multiple shots from the bunker, or tricky lies, or short sided lob practice (or whatnot).  Courses are busy these days with little time between groups so practice is not practical. Plus I can't record solo rounds for HCP purposes, so grinding out  great score is moot, or the alternative also, I suppose.  I honestly don't know, do really skilled golfers play solo rounds? Honest question, is that the path to better golf?  If it is, I need to adjust myself so I can do what it takes. I've read that when tour pros play practice rounds, they do it in groups and have $$ riding on it, true?
    • I think it's being overlooked that If lateral relief isn't possible, there are two remaining options, back on the line as well as stroke and distance.
    • No question about it the second one. A hole in one would be great and all but it’s not something I think about much or “really” want. If it happened ya great but a personal best round by three shots would make me feel a whole lot better and have me buzzing for a while. 
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