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From Callaway X2 Hot Driver to Cobra RadSpeed XB - Worth Making the Change?

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Back around 2017, I bought a used Callaway X2 Hot driver.  I'm still using it and don't have any real complaints---I hit it well (I set the loft at 9.5), average around 220-230 off the tee, and can work the ball decently.

There's a lot of chatter around the Cobra Radspeed series of drivers.  Two or three popular equipment websites have pre-owned Radspeed XB drivers in "very good" condition.

My question is this:  Have members of this group seen significant enough difference in distance between drivers made seven years ago and today's newer models?


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I can't speak to your particular brands, but I recently was gifted a new driver to replace my 2014 model. Honeslty don't see much difference, maybe a little, but I'm a better player now too, so who knows.  Oddly enough, I experimented with a driver from 2019 and while it's not any longer, I feel I had better control. Shafts on all of them were different, so really, what true conclusions one is able to draw, I dunno.  They all behave differently, that's for sure, but they net out to approx the same distance.

But! It's alot of fun playing with new drivers, so why not go for it, don't think there is much downside, and maybe it'll work better.


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