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My Experiences With a Variety of Golf Training Aids

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I may take some flak for some of this :-$

Automatic Putt Return
    My experience: Amusing, but, not particularly effective

    Any practice is better than none, I suppose, but, this thing would have you believe you'd make putts that never in a million years would drop IRL.

Orange Whip
    My Experience: Fun to use.  Good for flexibility/warm-up, not a particularly effective training aid

SeeMore SPi Golf Training Board
    My Experience: Makes a nice decoration hung on the wall ;-)

Smart Ball (Tour Striker SmartBall knockoff)
    My Experience: Very effective

    The Tour Striker SmartBall is a very good training aid to instill in one keeping their arms connected throughout the back-swing and into the transition.

TacTic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer
    My Experience: Somewhat effective

    Helped me to get things straight :-D with my lead arm.  Thing is: I'd so many other swing flaws, that, alone, wasn't a big help.  But, it did do what they claimed it would do.

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer
    My Experience: Mixed

Impact Bag
    My Experience: Ineffective as a training aid

WellPut Putting Mat
    My Experience: One of the best investments one can make

    Probably most any quality putting mat is very effective in giving one the opportunity to practice their putting swing whenever the opportunity arises or the mood strikes. The benefit there should be apparent.

PutOut Pressure Putt Trainer
    My Experience: Mixed.  IMO, rolling the ball over the target "hole" on my putting mat gives me better feedback.

Blast Motion Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer
    My Experience: Ineffective

    Even when it did register swings (mine has been very, very erratic in this respect): I found myself spending more time chasing numbers than improving my getting my ball into the hole.  At times I ended-up putting worse, after a session with it, rather than better.

Tour Striker PlaneMate
    My Experience: Very effective

    I used for only one thing, during my swing training. I'd been having a difficult time getting take-away right.  At my coach's suggestion I acquired and tried a PlaneMate.  It got me over that hump in, literally, one day.

Orange Whip Lightspeed
    My Experience: Haven't started using it yet

    Bought last year with the intention of working on my swing speed once I completed full swing training.  I haven't completed full swing training yet.

SeeMore Putter Consistency Training Mirror
    My Experience: Effective

    Like the PlaneMate, I used it to identify and solve one problem: It identified I hadn't been setting up with my shoulders quite square to the ball.

SeeMore Putting Triangulator
    My Experience: Haven't used it yet

    Bought on a whim at the same time I bought the mirror.  In retrospect it struck me as more trouble to use during practice than it's worth.  To be fair: I haven't given it a chance.  Perhaps I should.

GEM Swing Trainer
    My Experience: Haven't used it yet

    Haven't gotten to the point in my swing training I'm ready for it.


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    • Couple things to update First on the clubs/ball. I switched golf balls to the Left Dash ProV1x. It seems like a great fit for me. I always need lower spin off the tee, it's about a half club longer into greens, and still gives me enough spin with chips and pitches to hit whatever shot I need. The durability is insane too, played 35 holes with one over my last two rounds and it still looked brand new until I lost it. Hybrid is no longer. Couldn’t quite get a consistent strike and the random snap hook left was always lurking as soon as the strike drifted out towards the toe. I know it was me not the club but I couldn’t stand the lefts anymore. Titliest fitting guy came to our club a few days ago and I had been curious about the T200 3iron. I hit a few with it and the stock HZRDUS graphite shaft, it wasn’t bad at all but I could definitely tell when I mishit it. Then the fitter had me try the U505 3iron. When he asked if I was open to trying it I said something like “Isn’t that the game improvement one?” and he said “Just trust me and hit a few with it”. Within 5 swings I was sold. Suddenly it didn’t look as big and chunky when I started hitting rocket after rocket. It did every single thing I want a 3 iron to do. It flies very high, forgiving, can hit it off the tee and ground, can flight it low when needed, and best of all, it doesn’t go left. He had me try to snap hook one left and it resulted in a nice tight draw, nowhere close to a hook. Tried it with the stock shaft and their upgraded one, ended up hitting it the best with the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-95. Ended up getting a great deal on a used one that arrived yesterday so going to go measure my numbers with it today at the range. I expect to be using this a lot for 2nd shots into par 5s, being that 230-250 club. Hit some on the Mevo+ yesterday and the distance is exactly what I needed.     From a playing perspective, been playing pretty solid so far this season, driving and putting have been solid overall, approach shots have been good for the most part and short game wasn't great to start the year but it's been getting better lately with some more dedicated practice. Compared to scratch over 7 rounds:
    • so with the driver. Feel more arm  width at A4. keep an in the eye on the ball. The first move from the top is lowering the hands down. Don’t mix that up with looking up at the target as the club comes down from A4 with the body. Feel like I get width with the arms from the chest in the Downswing.
    • Wordle 1,070 3/6 ⬜⬜🟩⬜🟩 ⬜🟩⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
    • Went back and reviewed my rounds this year at my home course to fill out the spreadsheet. Realized I have made at least par on each hole but two that I have bogied. At my skill level, it gives me a new confidence that I can play each hole decently well and strong together a lower score. Great mental boost. 
    • I'm at 330 I think. I have a spreadsheet with all of them in it. It helps having lived in two countries. 159 in the US and 136 in the UK. Then a handful in Europe and a few in other countries (Canada, Australia, Mexico). 
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