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What Is the Best Way to Practice Alignment?

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On 6/6/2024 at 11:41 PM, saevel25 said:

1. Find a mark between the ball and the target. Usually something that stands out so I can remember where it is at. 

This is critically important! It's easy to get lazy and start guessing. Just start over and get it right. 

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On 6/10/2024 at 9:10 AM, saevel25 said:

So, I heard that if you are right eye dominant, then it leads to aiming right. I think it is because when you glance up, your right eye is figuring out the angle and it is set back, and maybe you are not turning your chest all the way towards the target. Also, you are offset from the ball, so it adds that angle as well. 

But… the same things are true if you're left eye dominant. It's just the nature of not standing over the golf ball, and having your eyes to the inside. And not realizing how far away 150 yards or 270 yards is.

21 hours ago, The Flush said:

The short version is that many people think they are aligned further to the right that what they really are and that they compensate with an over the top move to hit it more left.

Well, then I disagree with that: most people think they're aimed at the target when they're actually aimed well right of it, and their BODY knows this and so tries to direct the ball toward the target (which is back to the left of them).

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Joining late but aren't we talking two different things here: aiming and aligning? I know that I'm fully capable of aiming correctly ands then setting up in a total misalignment. Seems to happen more with the driver than shorter clubs, but it does happen, probably influenced by lie and how my back feels on a given day.

I find the best way to aim is to pick a target a few feet in front of the ball and aim the club appropriately.

Alignment, I'm still figuring out. When I use an alignment stick I generally place it outside the club path for my backing - my problem is bringing the club inside the line - and this helps. But would I be better off using the alignment stick to align my feet?

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“When it comes to set up routine in regards to alignment, I generally prefer my students to: 1) clubface, 2) chest and 3) feet. When the foot alignment happens before chest alignment, we tend to have issues. “

Thanks for your input, I never really checked my shoulder/ chest alignment closely.

I’ve tried it the last couple of rounds and it was nearly always aiming way right.

Today I experimented a bit and walked into a shot, mainly checking shoulder alignment, and setting feet to match. 
Felt much more comfortable & I had good results, 

Still a work in  progress. 



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