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The Stack and Tilt Swing, by Plummer and Bennett

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if I don't try to kill the ball I acutally get better distance and control.

Exactly, good catch. I've also found that trying to pound the fire out of it generally make you lose concentration and execute bad form, i.e. really fat or really thin shots. However, now that I have a little bit of a groove worked in with this swing, I'm gaining distance. In the last month I've gone up a club or more. I 'm hitting a 5 iron, farther, off the tee on short par 4s that I used to hit 4 iron. RC made mention of S&T; being more about 3/4 swings, and there is some truth to that, but as you said you are getting more distance with less effort. I find that a 3/4 controlled, solid strike will go farther than a mishit with a "mother of all swings" swing (I'm not saying that's you, RC). I seen discussions about how far a guy can hit an iron, but most people agree that it is distance control and not distance with irons. We've all had our hat handed to us by some old guy knocking it 180 off the tee because he was straight, not long, and consistent. Jack Nicholas said to swing at 70% to stay in control, and that's good advice. Anthony Kim (in the December GM) says "Whenever I'm playing in a pro-am, I'm amazed at the length of most amateurs' swings — it's like they've spent three months at the John Daly School of Driving. Over-swinging is a death move for me. I can get away with swinging the club to parallel and beyond from time to time, but on Tour, time to time means a string of missed cuts. I'm more comfortable making a three-quarter backswing, with my hands stopping at shoulder height and my club way short of parallel." PGA Tour lists his drive average as 300.9 yards. The key is knowing you're game and playing it. I've found the S&T; put less stress on my back, but as I've said before, not everyone will find this their cup of tea..... jmoc

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Well since the snow started flying I'm relegated to practice swings in the garage or living room and watching videos on YouTube. I think I may have found something with my right elbow...if I keep it flexed but no more than 90 degrees and swing around and not up and down it seems to put me in better position at impact. Granted there's just an imaginary ball, but I could swear I just hit my 9 iron 160!! My back doesn't seem to suffer to much even when I was using Stack and Tilt on the course, one thing I did notice was that I had no pain in my left wrist which I usually had when trying to use a conventioal swing. Just my $.02

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If it works, fine. My main problem with the S+T is that doesn't look healthy. All that resistance to rotational movement puts a load on the back.

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I just got the Stack & Tilt DVD set for Xmas, I watched all four DVDs then went out the back (I live on the tenth fairway ) I had been suffering with hitting behind the ball and getting no distance even on good contact hits, after about 5-10 minutes I was no longer hitting the ball fat and distance was definately improving.
I have a long way to go yet but I can see that with a little commitment to trusting the swing it will workout.
I will say one thing though, I definately cannot do the S&T; with my driver, I have tried and tried but I just can't get used to hitting down with the driver, my 3w, 5w & 7w are hit and miss with S&T; but the irons are on to a winner, I will keep you posted on my progress.

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I have the stack and tilt series also. Now I do not stack and tilt , but I was able to pull 2 great game improvement tips from the dvds

One is where the guy is hitting ball after ball with PERFECT divot every single ball. Well I learned to keep my weight always moving forward on iron play and I do it on my hybrids and 5 wood too now. But I get such nice divots in the right place now because of the way the stack and tilt wants you to address.

Also it had a great section on how to hit a draw/fade that went into more detail than most and really helped my drive.

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Every swing theory has its pros and cons. SnT can help move the low point further forward, which can improve contact for those players who have inconsistencies. P&B; have quite the stable of players and most are improving in the $$$ category and if you could manage to add up the winnings for each player under certain coaches, you may be surprised with what you find. I like what they have to say in their video release.

Does anyone else find it wrong that golf pros are now Branding their "Swing Theories"?

Stack n Tilt, Rotaty-single plane/axis, 1 plane 2 plane...

Isn't it just the golf swing and aren't golf pros supposed to help the player as an individual?

I would like to see John Daly try to load up the front foot ... or Craig Stadler work on his Xfactor... or Couples swing it back on 1 plane. A Brand Pro would ruin a champion.

The great coaches are working with people. JB Holmes, Azinger and Kenny Perry all swing it differently.. Mahan, O'Hair, Ames all work it differently. These 2 coaches might be onto something.

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Note: This thread is 3871 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Shot an 86. Usually play the blues but today they were teed up with the blacks. As with my last round, I can count the eff ups that led to me not sniffing 80 - including a par putt a half inch short and an approach shot with a bunch of chatter mid backswing.  What I was most happy about is that I did that with a C driver all day. Didn’t have a slice the day and week before, but I brought it with me today haha. So instead of 260-280 drives I was 230, but making up for it.  Most importantly, I stopped turning easy two putts into three putts by working on my distance/speed. Saved me a lot of frustration. And for the most part, I stopped overthinking shots and just committed to them, and that worked out pretty well. Felt nice for a change.
    • Day 4 8/17/19 Putted to a target 4-6 feet away at home.  Day 5 8/18/19 Pitched with SW to around 10-15 yards out. Used a small 10" diameter bucket as a target at different locations. My distance control was poor at first, but I eventually eased into better control.
    • 106.  Played 18 at my home course with some friends today.  Shot 90 on the nose.  Hit exactly 4 GIR, plus hit another three greens with a full swing motion but not in regulation:  first hole 6-iron, hole 16 a 9-iron (after topping a 5-iron off the tee), and hole 17 a half 9-iron.  View this round on GAME GOLF Strokes gained, approximate levels: Putted at about a 20 handicap level. Driving around a 23 handicap level, which included hitting into an unplayable lie on the first hole.  Still hit plenty of 220+ yard drives which have to have helped...  Short game at about a 15 handicap level.  It'd basically have been better if I had ... I don't know.   Approach at about my handicap level, 12.5.  Includes the stroke where I was able to take a penalty (this got attributed to driving) for unplayable, but then was really only able to move the ball to where I could top it a few yards down (the next shot was from 150 yards to about 24 feet on the green) and topping a 5-iron off a par-3 tee (and then hit a 9-iron to 24 feet) Somehow the same person hitting these shots today shot a 77, albeit at a slightly easier course, just over a month ago. 
    • Rock bed sound the same as what we call Arizona or desert landscaping.  Rocks in place of lawn or the like. large pebbles or larger stone   
    • Towels, ice cubes, umbrella (looks lame but better than heat stroke), those little portable fans that can spray a mist.  Feels like it's more about survival than looking cool. 
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