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Anyone watching Discovery Health Channel - Dude has a driver shaft through his head!

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I wonder if the shaft Mfg will use the footage in future ads..."Try the new shaft by (insert brand name here) ...Strong enough to drive through a skull, and still retain its flex!").
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I do believe he would be able to replace the club during the round, according to the rules of golf, right??

But...if indeed he was shaving stokes, he would have signed an incorrect scorecard?

What is the penalty for breaking someone elses equipment (forget about trying to skewer his dome with it for a moment).

Looking for a ruling from our rules experts on this shortened stipulated round?

Thanks in advance.
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"Sir, have you been drinking?" Aussie Dude: "Yeah, a couple. You know, par for the course." H.L. Interjection: I kid you not. Dude with a golf club sticking through his head just said "par for the course."[/INDENT]

Yeah, just a few cases between family members on a nice Sunday afternoon.

I'd hate to see these guys "Party". Also this priceless exchange....They wheel the guy in the ER with the club sticking in his skull ...Aussie Dude " I'M NEVAHHH PLAYING GOLF WITH HIM AGAIN!!!!" JMHO...I think a Navy Seal might have second thoughts about playing a round with your cousin.
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Note: This thread is 4669 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • 😂🤣 So wish you could have made it, bro. Next time!
    • I'm down. Just spit some dates at me so i can see about availability.
    • It is insane this is still being talked about. I read that people are saying he was the winner. Crazy!
    • Day 109.  Round of 16 of my club's match play.  I lost 3&2 but made a new friend.  There's this issue that happens to me at this course we played (not our home course due to availability of tee times).  It's come up a few times, but ... my second shot on the first three holes, plus my tee shot on the par-3 4th, were horrible.  Seems to happen to me I hit a few bad early shots, despite getting to the course, stretching, and warming up.  Despite this, still had sub-10 handicap baseline strokes gained: approach.  And for the first time, sub-10 handicap baseline SG:driving.  I also did some "miss the green" short game shots from what should be easy positions today... did that four times, totally inexcusable. I sank some long putts even but missed some short ones.  Putting was sub-20 handicap level today, which was cool.  Gotta pull it all together at some point again. 
    • Day 3 June 12 - Went to the driving range to get used to a new wedge. I had a wedge fitting yesterday and needed to find out if I could hit touch shots with it in addition to the full shots. 25 shots with it. Done. Then went on to work on getting through the shot with my irons. I need to get my weight forward and stay on plane through the shot better. Why is it so easy to stay on plane with my 5W? I can return that on the original shaft plane and smoke shot after shot. But why is it so much more difficult with my irons? I need to take a video and look at this. I need to look at what I'm doing with my 5W and move that over to my irons.
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