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Bat-Caddy X3R

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I am in the process of selecting a remote electric caddy. I am thinking of purchasing the Bat-Caddy. Does anyone have any reviews or feedback on this. Thanks so much Char

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those are pimp. sweet purchase. i never walk but if i become a walker, i'd most definitely get one. let us know how you like it if you pull the trigger.

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Hi - i asked a couple days ago about the X3R Bat-Caddy motorized cart. Didn't get much input. Anyone know anything about these. Thanks
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read some reviews?
it's remote controlled.
looks nice and is 700 dollars.....
bit too complicated for me, too many things to go wrong with it.

why not just get a normal electric cart?

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Saw a guy playing with one this weekend. VERY COOL! He sent his clubs to the next tee box while he walked up to the green. I saw this from two holes back. Unfortunately, I never caught up to him to chat about it.

Have you seen this ? It's a robot that follows you without need for controls. Looks too heavy to put in the trunk (or boot). Should be a fun emerging technology.

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I really dont want to sound like a docuhe, but is it really worth $700, if your going to walk pushing a cart is really not that difficult, I push and I play some erratic mountain-y courses and never really had a problem, yes I realize I am 21 but if you are unable to push a cart it is hard to believe you still want to walk...
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You are a douche. When I was 21 I carried my bag and did not have to worry about any Terran . Now that I'm 70 I can afford to spend the money on a good cart.

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To answer your question. I have one the x3r and I love it. Will do 36 holes with no problem. Bat Caddy also has great customer service they are good people to deal with. Hope that helps.

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I have the 4XR, and  had troubles as well prior to purchasing a Bat Caddy finding valid reviews.  Great product, and I wouldn't have done it any other way.  I'm 54, and had multiple cancer surgery's on my leg and foot, as well as having all my the lymph nodes removed in my groin.  So carrying isn't an option anymore for me.  At least this way I can get the exercise by walking.  Some people are so obtuse when wondering why some use these products.  It was a lifesaver for me, and works as advertised.  I have had my 4XR for 6 months.

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On the x3r bandwagon.
 Well on a positive note I managed a new one for the same 700 bucks. I hope it does well.  The first upgrade will be to stiffen the rear wheel brace. Then a lithium battery. Future posts when it gets here. Just ordered it tonight 

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whats In the bag. 
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