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Golf courses near San Jose, CA?

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I'm looking for some recommendations on a nice course to play in the San Jose area? I've played Half moon Bay and liked them both, but I'm looking for something. Close in or around San Jose....Thank

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lots of good courses down that way!

27 holes at Cinnabar Hills in San Jose

San Jose muni is a lot of fun, can be a real challenge when the wind picks up.

San Juan Oaks in Hollister isn't too far, Fred Couples had a hand in designing this one

Ridgemark in Hollister

Shoreline in Mountain View - can get pretty muddy this time of year

Summitpointe in Milpitas - lots of hills

36 holes at Sunol Valley in Sunol

Sunnyvale GC in Sunnyvale - kind of a short muni

Eagle Ridge in Gilroy

Coyote Creek in San Jose also has 36 holes designed by Jack Nicklaus

Santa Clara in Santa Clara

I know there's a couple more but they aren't coming to mind right now

oh wait, Santa Teresa in San Jose

and if you want to head over the hill into the Santa Cruz area, there are a few more over that way.


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As more people add courses to the list (and towards the end of the month we'll see a LOT of added courses with the GolfNow.com data), you can simply go here and zoom in on an area to find existing courses:



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San Juan Oaks in Hollister as mentioned above is an outstanding course and not too far from San Jose. I highly recommend this course. It's tough but very good. Otherwise you absolutely must play Pasatiempo in nearby Santa Cruz. It's a private course that allows the public to play. It's pricey these days but one of the great courses in the US. It was designed by Alistair McKenzie and he lived on the course. Fantastic golf course that was recently restored by Tom Doak. It's the best course in the area next to Pebble Beach and Cypress Point and possibly Spyglass Hill.


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Cinnabar is a great course to play in South San Jose, they have weekday deals right now for $49. Extremely cheap compared to normal cost.

I would also suggest Eagleridge GC, Golfnow.com has their green fees at almost 50% as of late.

Very challenging course, The Ranch.


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Originally Posted by Splifton

Cinnabar Hills is supposed to be really spectacular.  It has been highly recommended by my clients who come from the midwest every year.


If you enjoy rattlesnakes, it's about as spectacular as they come!


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    • If lessons from an instructor were not available, I might suggest a visit to the local library, or internect connection, and read up on the basics of the swing. Address position, grip, and a one piece take away to the top of the swing. I wouldn't worry about anything else, untill I had a working understanding of those three items.  Once I understood the above items, I would move on the more finer points of the golf swing, a little at the time.  Too many times I think golfers over load themselves with swing mechanics, with out fully understanding these mechanics, and how they relate to each other. Frustration sets in, and they don't improve, or worse yet they quit. 
    • Sometimes, it takes a guy a couple of years to find his game again after winning one or more majors. After a major win, I've heard they go on so many paid exhibitions and travel so much doing so that it wears them out, and can affect their swing. But Jordan's worked on his swing over the last year; and it could be he needs another set of eyes, or a consultant to assist his instructor.
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    • It's tough to answer without knowing your physical abilities, but my guess is that you will gain some distance since you've only been at it 8 months. In reading your post, you seem to be a student of the game. What I like is that you are not bothered by this right now - except as a gauge for improvement. In my opinion (I'm not very experienced) and as you stated, trying to keep up with others can be very detrimental. Be patient, and keep learning and developing your mechanics. Distance will come.
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