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Replacement Wilson Fat Shaft

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I managed to wrap my relatively new Wilson Fat Shaft 5-iron around a palm tree the other day, resulting in a snapped shaft (it was for an approach to the green during a rather competitive matchplay, not a swipe in anger ). I am not sure where to turn to have the shaft replaced (it was stiff flex with an additional half an inch) and the club repaired. I am based in Miami, but not a member of any golf club. Can anyone assist? Many thanks.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Talk to any of the retailers down there. They should be able to contact Wilson for you.

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I  broke the shaft on my Wilson Staff Fat Shaft 6 iron.  The shaft is STIFF and has the following model or serial numbers on it:

605143   O2K

It is dark grey in color.

Q1:  Do you have a matching replacement shaft?

Q2:  Can you repair the club for me or recommend someone in the Greensburg, PA  or sip code 15642 area?

Thank you  for your help.

Tim Walsh



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    • Good post. One slight correction is the split in his MP 29 & 14 was between the 4 and 5 iron rather than between the 3 and 4. An interesting side note...his Cobra driver was 43.625" and his 5 iron was 37.75" which used to be pretty standard at the time, but is short compared to most modern specs.
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