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Nickent 4dx cb irons vs maxfli c3 vs burner plus

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Hi all long time reader first time poster.Looking to upgrade from my Dunlop reaction irons to something slightly better.I currently have a nickent 4dx cb sw,love the feel and really like the way it looks.Only problem is its hard to find a set of irons anywhere.Next option is the maxfli c3s seem like not a bad iron didnt have time to really hit enough balls to get a true feel about them.Lastly Burner plus,i have the approach and lob wedge,they are easy to hit but i just feel like im not really going to improve my wedge play with them that much.would like to stay under 300$ used or new doesnt matter.I do want to get better and i know irons wont fix my high scores per say but at least get something that feels good and get it fitted to me so i can try to work on bringing the scores down.

Thanks for reading,open to all thoughts.


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I can't vouch for the maxfli's or nickents but back in Jan I bought the Burner + irons.  At the time they were selling for $399 and with coupon I got them for $350 + another $100 or so in fitting expenses (lie adjustments, cut down, regripped).

Anyway, I narrowed my search to the burner plus, Ping G10's and Cobra S2 Max.  All 3 felt good but on the shot tracker I was getting roughly 5 yards longer with the same swing speed with the TM's.  Guess perhaps the shaft was working a little for my swing than the other two.

Don't regret the purchase.  I clean them each round and they look pretty new.  I probably have over 25 rounds with them this summer and probably over 20 range sessions.

Last year my average round score was rougly 96-97 ish.

This year I am right away 90.

Driver: Ping G25

3w - Ping K15

3h - TEE Trilogy

4h - TEE Trilogy

5h - TEE Trilogy

Irons: Ping G25 6-LW

Putter: Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T
Bag: Nike SQ Tour

Optics: Bushnell Tour V2 Slope

Shoes: True Linkswear

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Well you can call me the thread necromancer if ya like,but since kids and life happened I never did decide and purchase anything.i did go out this past Saturday for the first time since 16 and amongst other things the grips have started to deteriorate and my putter grip crumbled by the end of the round.so starting back into playing again and would like to get a set of irons.if I could get pointed to a couple options that are somewhat similar in  forgiveness.and probably some wedge suggestions as well.currents are burner plus approach wedge and lob wedge and a nickent 4dx sand wedge.i do have a Cleveland 54 that was given to me as well.




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Just shy of 11 years, welcome back.

I am not a club expert  but will suggest you see if there is a club fitter near you.  They can help you find what is best for you and a good fitter is not going to push you to the most expensive thing.

Stuart M.

I am a "SCRATCH GOLFER".  I hit ball, Ball hits Tree, I scratch my head. 😜

Driver: Ping G410 Plus 10.5* +1* / 3 Hybrid: Cleveland HIBORE XLS / 4,5 & 6 Hybrids: Mizuno JP FLI-HI / Irons/Wedges 7-8-9-P-G: Mizuno JPX800 HD / Sand Wedge: Mizuno JPX 800 / Lob Wedge: Cleveland CBX 60* / Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG 7S / Balls: Srixon Soft / Beer: Labatt Blue (or anything nice & cold) 

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