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Should I get fitted for new, custom clubs before taking lessons - OR - take lessons first then get fitted for new, custom clubs?

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Hello, I am new to this forum.  I am 34 years old and started golfing about 10 years ago.  I only played golf about 2-3 times a year (mostly in charity tournaments), until this year where I plan on golfing once every week.  I feel it's time to take lessons before I start or even continue some bad habits.  The weather has been unusually warm so far this year in PA, allowing me to begin early.  I am 6'-3", 202 lbs.  After using online club fitting calculators, they require an additional length of 3/4".  I am scheduling a fitting appointment within a few weeks to verify the length required.  I currently play with standard length clubs and I am afraid it may be negatively affecting my game.

My dilemma, of course, is.. Should I buy new clubs now and get fitted before taking lessons -or- take lessons first with my standard length clubs then buy new clubs and get fitted?

I am thinking that taking lessons with clubs that fit me would be the better decision, but then, lessons will most likely change my stance, swing, etc. which may require different club sizes.  I make a modest living as a licensed engineer to where I can now afford a higher quality set and get them fitted to my needs.  Having said that, I would prefer to buy only one custom set to last me until I require a different setup.  Honestly, my wife would only let me buy one set anyway, so it is important that I make the right decision once.

Please help.  Thanks much in advance.



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My suggestion would be lessons and practice until you get to a point where you have a reasonably consistent swing. At that point take a look at fitting as you'll then have 'enough' of a good swing to invest wisely. As you said there's only going to be one set of clubs purchased so what happens if you buy what you feel are the right length now and then find out you need the lofts or lies adjusted or stiffer shafts?


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I was in the same boat as you. I took lessons worked on my swing and then got fitted. A proper fitting is much more then length by the way. I waited a couple years before I got fitted and I am very happy with my clubs.

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You could probably get some USED 1/2 or 3/4" over length clubs on ebay for a decent price then sell them/upgrade later.  Try figuring out if you need upright or not and guess at the proper shaft flex based on how long you hit the ball.

another option would be to take your first lesson and ask the pro, although some know more about club fitting than others.


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If you already have clubs I would recommend practicing like BlueDragon suggested and working on obtaining a consistent swing before getting fitted. If you are looking at buying a new or used set of clubs right now I would suggest a basic fitting to give you your proper shaft length and flex, and possibly your club head lie.

However in saying this during a fitting many people adjust loft and offsets to either get specific or more distance, or to help prevent slice or hook. I wouldn't suggest doing any of this seeing as through lessons and playing for the next while might slightly or even radically change the way you swing the club.  The most important in my opinion is ensuring that you have the proper shaft length for your comfortable stance, the proper shaft flex for your swing speed and the proper lie angle to prevent pulling or pushing the ball off course.

Hope this helps,

Mitch G



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    • Fair warning, this is a bit of a rant... I used to belong to a private club where I had regular group I played with, but due to various factors I gave up the membership this year, and I find myself playing as a single a lot more often on the local public courses. In the past week or two, I've been cut in front of multiple times, hit into a few times despite trying to leave my push cart somewhere visible, even the cart girl passed me by on a really hot day when I could've used a Gatorade OK, the last one was not the end of the world, but after everything else I was beginning to feel invisible. I get that as a single sometimes you have to take what you can get and just roll with the punches, but this in particular was ridiculous: It was late-afternoon and the starter told me to go tee off. I was about 20 steps from the first tee box when a kid (probably older teen) and his dad roll up from behind, drive past me up to the next set of tees and proceed to get ready to tee off.  They looked back and saw me, where I was now on the tee box behind them, at which point I was sure they'd apologize for not noticing me and either ask to join (which would've been fine) or wait.  Instead, they just played their tee shots and drove off. If that was the last time I saw them it would've been one thing, but I ended up waiting on them for nearly every shot through the first five holes.  Finally they skipped ahead to somewhere else on the course and I didn't get held up the rest of the time. Another time, I was already at the tee box (again, at the direction of the course), when a foursome rolled up ahead of me. This time, a lady in the group yelled back and said they were in a league and that I shouldn't be there. I explained that the course had told me to tee off.  She said, "Well, they shouldn't have" and they proceeded to play in front of me.  They were about 40 yards up so a polite discussion to sort things out wasn't going to happen. I waited for them all to play their second shots and got ready to tee off myself, except the lady turned her cart around and just waited in the middle of the fairway. I really wasn't in the mood to put up a fight so I went back in the pro shop and they sent me off the other side. It's not like I'm trying to play during prime time, these were both late-afternoon tee times.  I probably could've stuck up for myself more, but I didn't want to start a confrontation in either case at the risk of ruining my round.  Does anyone else run into this regularly? Not to get all "woe is me," but it starts to feel like the rest of the course wishes you weren't there, and in some cases people behave as though you aren't. Is this just the norm?      
    • Ok, I get that, but why can any Joe Blow guy can still sell "New" product on eBay for less than MAP? I've seen it happen hundreds of thousands of time. Brick and Mortars resellers it's a lot more strict. @newtogolf I have a question for you... I'll use Mizuno as an example... Let's say I go to a Golf retailer and want a set of 2014 JPX- EZ irons... and they have them in their possession.... and have paid the wholesaler and Mizuno already has their money.... The retailer trying to get rid of stock, can't they sell them for whatever they can to break even... (we're not talking custom)... I know you can dump off demo clubs for whatever you can get for them. But I understand the whole eBay thing... Just list it as used... sell them at slightly more than wholesale...  As the OP said, longer product cycles are needed. The Trade- in value of certain clubs even clubs only 2 years old is going down the loo. Like I know a guy who dumped off a shitload of clubs at Dick's (like 90 or so) and only got a little over $500 and most were made within the last five years. Trade in a set of 1982 Ping Eye 2 irons you still get $80... (Still want a set of green dot eye2s +1" Stiff flex please)... With the fact that companies like Taylormade and Callaway were putting out product 4 times a year, it really effects the trade in values of their clubs. They want you to buy their newest product, but they are negatively effecting the ability of golfers to trade in one set of clubs and only have to pay maybe about half of full price for a new set. I will say, TaylorMade to my knowledge hasn't really released any new clubs since the M2 Tour irons.... I think with Mizuno, Titleist and Ping the product cycles are longer so they can control the prices a little longer and the value of gently used clubs doesn't depreciate quite so fast...   
    • The PGA never does that in a major. 2005 and 2014 come to mind as two times where they could have done that and didn't. One time they got lucky, the other time they got burned. It's all about TV.
    • Especially since they preemptively suspended play before the rain actually started, it is weird (or, rather, an oversight) that they didn't start the round earlier in the day. 
    • Nice round of golf after my lesson. Some stuff stuck well ?
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