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Putter Insert vs Golf Ball Covers - Optimal Material to Material Interface?

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Just curious if there are any formal reviews on putter inserts versus ball covers.  Mixing and matching inserts and balls to get the best results for forward spin and feel?  I ask as yesterday while I was playing 36 holes... On one of the holes, I found a new 'premium' golf ball on the course (I won't name the brand) off in the shrubs...  When I pulled it out of the shrubs, the ball looked like it was right out of the box - not a nick or scuff on it to be found... Looked brand new to me.  So I figured I'd give it a try on the next hole as I have been thinking of experimenting with different golf balls for awhile now.  And this particular company has done quite a bit of advertising for this new ball. So my interest was already there...

Unfortunately, I found it's feel to be terrible on the greens with the putter that I use.  In particular, I'm using the TaylorMade Ghost Spider (34" with Winn Jumbo Pistol Grip).   I only used the ball for a couple of holes, and then gave it to my playing partner to have.  He ended up using it for the rest of the round, and liked it.  But I honestly couldn't believe how strange it felt when I putted with it.  Now granted, I've been playing the Penta TP (2011's) and TP5 (2012's) for awhile, and never really experiment with different manufacturers golf balls.  And to be honest, I really love the feel of the Penta - especially with the putter insert found on the Ghost Spider.

So this got me thinking... I'm sure TaylorMade has done quite a bit of research to perfect their Surlyn putter insert to interact with the Penta golf ball.  But why would the cover of one premium golf ball (Penta) feel so much superior over another premium golf ball manufacturer?  Are the covers that much different?  Is it the material of the cover of the golf ball that promotes feel?

The ball I found almost felt 'clicky' or hollow when I putted with it.  And the greens we were playing on were rolling ~ 11 on the stint... They were nice, smooth and fast greens.  So I was making nice smooth controlled strokes when putting with the ball.

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considering you wont name the brand, it makes it hard to say what you were feeling. It doesnt make sense that you wont tell us the ball. Perhaps someone here knows something about the cover of that specific ball.

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Callaways do sound different off the putter than other premium balls. A higher pitched sound than a Titleist, for instance.  Don't think it makes any difference in how they roll, however.  Mickelson has made quite a few putts with them.

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I didn't name the brand because I felt like it was my own personal dislike. And didn't want another golfer to base their purchase or lack of purchase based on my feedback of the brand. The ball was the Callaway Hex Black.
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Note: This thread is 3342 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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