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My very first lesson yesterday

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I have been miserable hitting my irons of late.  I am usually on target as in the right direction, but short.  So I took my first lesson yesterday at Big Oak golf in E Roch NY.  Bottom line is that I use to much of my right hand and not enough of my left.  Worked on a couple of drills to get more of a wrist hinge in my back swing.  Worked on the grip a bit too.  Thumb more along the top of the shaft than off to the side a wee bit.  Seems harder for me to swing that way but when I hit the ball it resounds with a really nice click.  SO there ya go.  thanks


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    • Number 10. Boise, Idaho Saturday 06/24/2017. I played Quail Hollow golf Club, white tees 5727 yards. This is visually the best course I've played to date. It's built into the hills which allows for many elevated holes. The views at the top are fantastic and challenging. Yes, its short in yardage but difficult to play. There are many blind shots over hills and around corners, plus sagebrush, trees, thick rough and water. The greens vary in size from very large, to small and narrow, but they were fast and difficult to putt. I should have brought two putters, a lighter putter for the fast greens and a heavy putter for the slow greens. I only have my heavy putter. I played with three guys, the Boise guys, who were part a larger money group. I was asked which course was my favorite, and prior to playing this course, I didn't have one. Whenever I think about the places that I've gone, it's the people that I remember. We can all relate to the challenges of golf and tend to be our true selfs on the golf course. Today was no different, a lot of laughs, frustration and camaraderie. I think one of the best moments we had was when one of the Boise guys drove the green on a par 4 and 4-putted from about 12 feet. He hit a great drive over trees that blocked the green from our view. We were all happy to see his ball on the green for an eagle putt. We had all struggled with the putts, but we thought he would at least get a birdie, which would help their team score. I know he was disappointed when he 4-putted and we understand, but it was also so funny I asked him if he could replay the hole and do the same thing so that I could record it. We all had a big laugh, and that's the bond that we golfers have. I shot 49 on the front and 45 on the back, with an 8 on a par 3 and par 4, total 94.   
    • I haven't heard a pro credit PB for a win. But this guy credits the PB Pro with the win, implying and sometimes stating that PB helped him.
    • This local rule is used primarily in the UK on links courses where putting from long distances off the green is the norm. IMO it should only be used if chipping over is not a reasonable proposition.
    • (https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/94053-win-a-new-cart-from-sun-mountain) https://shop.sunmountain.com/Speed-Cart-GT-20119-detail.html I'd love to win the Speed Cart GT in Navy White Red. I like the patriotic colors.  This cart not only looks great, but it would make life so much easier.  Believe it or not, my current golf cart is actually a "pull cart".  Yes, the old fashioned kind that you just don't see anymore, but I still use it. Thus, I'd love to win a new Speed Cart GT in Navy White Red from @SunMountainGolf and @the_sand_trap.   I thank you, my sore shoulder thanks you, and my aching back thanks you :)      
    • So the kid did something stupid - he shouldn't get killed for it. I really hope to see the end of that bizarre cult regime some day.
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