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My very first lesson yesterday

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I have been miserable hitting my irons of late.  I am usually on target as in the right direction, but short.  So I took my first lesson yesterday at Big Oak golf in E Roch NY.  Bottom line is that I use to much of my right hand and not enough of my left.  Worked on a couple of drills to get more of a wrist hinge in my back swing.  Worked on the grip a bit too.  Thumb more along the top of the shaft than off to the side a wee bit.  Seems harder for me to swing that way but when I hit the ball it resounds with a really nice click.  SO there ya go.  thanks


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    • Eagle Eye                      May 12 To Sep 24         Open to May 11
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      18 holes Mon – Thu                    $59                            $40 Timber Ridge                 May  6 to Sep 25          Open to May  5
      18 Holes                                      xxx                            $40 (Over 60, $33)
      18 Holes Fri - Sun                       $60 (Over 60, $43)        xxx
      18 Holes Mon - Thu                    $50                xxx
      Forest Akers West         May 13 to Sep 26          Open to May 12       (2016 prices)
      18 Holes Fri - Sun                       $64                            $44
      18 Holes Mon - Thu                    $59                            $42 College Fields                May  1 to Sep 10      (price by tee time)  
      18 Holes Sat - Sun                     Open-11am - $49 (55+, $39) ;       11am-3pm - $39 (55+, $29)
      18 Holes Mon - Fri                     Open- 3pm  - $39 (55+, $29) Forest Akers East           May 13 to Sep 26           Open to May 12       (2016 prices)
      18 Holes Fri - Sun                       $31                             $30
      18 Holes Mon - Thu                    $36                             $34 College Fields is a stern test.  Hawk Hollow is as well maintained as Eagle Eye. I'm good for the 19th of May.
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    • Not I, unfortunately. And fortunately, too, because… May sucks mostly for that. I'll be gone the whole middle.
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