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Which Project X shafts would work best for me?

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Some quick info about me, around 9 handicap, driver swing speed is pretty high 113mph, average 7 iron 175-180 yards.

I currently play the Mizuno JPX 800 pro irons with stock shafts. I launch my irons very high and I want to bring that down.

I went on PX's website and it recommended the Flighted 6.0 but to me, the word "flighted" makes me think that it gets in the air more. Is the only difference in the Project X Flighted 6.0 and the normal Project X 6.0 that the Flighted goes higher in the air?


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Yes. Pretty much the flighted shafts have exaggerated change in kick point within each shaft. if you don't have an issue with getting the ball in the air with the lower irons; you don't need flighted shafts. I've hit the non flighted 6.0's and liked them.


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On PX Flighted shafts:

The flighting varies the flexpoints across the set of shafts. Basically, the long irons have a slightly lower flexpoint, which helps get the ball up better during launch. Irons 5-7 have a mid flex, and irons 8 and above have a high flexpoint to prevent the short irons from ballooning. The short irons shafts function similar to the original spinner wedge shafts.

According to GolfWorks techs, one reason the PX flighted are so expensive is that True Temper needs to maintain three shaft templates (varying flexpoints) for each version, rather than just one.

See if you can find a PX custom fitter in your area. Consider getting fitted to find out just which "flavor" works best for you. Note that PX shafts run a bit stiffer than the Dynamic Golds, although the DGs are heavier.

Check out this Comparison chart:


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There is a little more to it than SS. I swing fast enough to play a 5.5 but I am a smooth swinger with a deliberate tempo. I hit 5.0 vs 5.5 and it was a night and day difference. Try to hit them if you can. Rule of thumb is that the flighted shafts are .5 higher than non flighted. If I was going to play flighted PX I would play 5.5

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