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Playing Golf With Arthritis

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golfoholic    0
I have been having pain in my right wrist for the last year and a half. I saw a hand specialist this week and after an X ray of my wrist, I have arthritis. I do not want to stop playing golf, I love this game. What can I do to keep playing? Change equipment, wrist brace, therapy, medication? This doctor I saw was worthless in giving me ideas to keep playing.

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Harmonious    169

I've got various stages of arthritis in my right elbow, left and right ring fingers, right big toe, right shoulder. Probably a lot of it comes from too many swings on the range.  Glucosomine/chondroitin/MSM pills seem to help some. I also tried an elbow brace for awhile. I had a nurse suggest acupuncture if the pain got really bad, but so far I haven't needed it. Generally, rest is the best medicine. That, and ibuprofen before each round.

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retexan599    3
For my arthritis, i do these things: - wear gloves on both hands - graphite shafts - ovesized Winn grips - at hole #6, one ibuprofen + one acetaminophen - wait two days between rounds

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Dirt Digger    0

I know what you feel in the pain thing.  I have had it for 9 years.  Went to graphite shafts.

Rubber plugs in the butt end of shaft to reduce shock.  I was a digger and now pick the ball with a dollar bill size divot.  It took awhile to change my swing.  I only use my hip and knees to swing, my arms and hands just hold on to the club.  I haven't lost any distance because I swing it in to out for a draw.

I have had many cortizone shots and use natural items already posted.  Aspircream before I play or practice.  I also use DMSO, capcium cream and Voltaren gel. Appel cider vinegar and I mix yellow mustard in water and drink it.  I only take pain pills when nothing else works.  I stopped

taking all dairy products, sweets and salts.  I work my hand with a rubber ball.

I will not let this overtake me.  You have to use you mind to fight the pain to.

I hope this helps.

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    • So I went out after work yesterday to play 9 holes with Jacob for Regional tournament practice and I hit the ball better than I have in quite some time. I hit 6/7 fairways and 7/9 GIR. I had 4 birdie putts that could have been made that were inside 10 feet. I made a birdie from about 12 feet. So I am -1 going into number 9 (only playing 9) and this hole is a dogleg left par 4 with a pond in the dogleg. I NEVER hit it in the water here. I can smooth stroke a 3w and clear the water with no issues. Well, with that in mind, I guess I took a lot off of my swing or something and I hit my 3w fat. I'm talking FAT!! And in the water it went. I went to the drop zone which ended up being about 215 out. I missed the green to the right and ended up hitting my pitch too hard and ran past the hole about 25 feet. I two putted for a double. I end up shooting a 37. I was so frustrated! And to think back on what could have been had my putting (which is usually a strong part of my game) been as good as usual...
    • Hey here's another question I been thinking about. Now I've never used one hence my ignorance on the subject, but since most Scotty's are custom done titleist putters, why are they so high? Do they putt better than the normal titleist would? Or is the price because he has customized the look and added stones or maybe miller the face, whatever. What's the big deal with the Scotty?
    • I'll definitely try that as both were purchased from the same seller, who is a PGA certified reseller.  I appreciate the advise on this front as I almost refuse to spend another $3-400 to save these guys.  I do have my OG Razr X Black and Aeroburner ti fallback on.  If I'm striking at the shaft/hosel side, I'd guess I may reproduce that in my Aeroburner since the shaft is so damn long.
    • Really? Well I feel dumb, I have always thought that the dot system was for the shaft length
    • Yea, just like injuries to your body, the last thing you did with your club isn't necessarily the thing that broke it, just the straw that broke the camel's back. You could have been doing damage to your shafts for quite some time. Fixing where you tend to strike the ball is related to fixing your swing. Like I said, I would at least try and bring the clubs back to the store you bought them from and maybe they can ship them back to the manufacturer for repair. Each time I broke a driver shaft, it was repaired for free. I just had to wait 3-4 weeks or whatever it was.
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