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Is it possible to apply custom measurements to exisitng clubs?

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I've been measured for custom clubs and want to know how practical/possible it is to have existing clubs (in the case of my current irons or, buying online and then having them adjusted) adjusted.

my own measurements were lie +1.5º and length is extra 0,5”

obviously not easy to add more length but the pro said a half inch wasn't much of an issue. so this question really applies to adjusting the lie.


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Extending clubs is fairly simple, given the right tools and a little know how.  The act of extending the clubs will change the amount of lie change required.  You may hear some posts on how shaft extensions are garbage and destroy the shaft playing characteristics....it is only a 1/2 inch..and if you notice when you hold the club in address position....your fingers are not even on this part of the grip, only the pad of your hand is, i view it as a comfort in set up issue.

The other option is pull the shaft and do a complete reshaft on them

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If the clubs are forged, they can be bent to adjust the lie angle.  Some people will bend cast irons, but it's risky and typically they won't attempt to bend a cast iron more than .5 - 1 degree.

I believe (but not 100% certain) that if you extend the clubs length you will also change the swing weight, so each club may need to be adjusted to get it back to its original swing weight.

Depending on who does the work, you may find the cost for these adjustments is quite close to the cost of getting fitted properly and buying new ones.

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Originally Posted by loki16

my own measurements were lie +1.5º and length is extra 0,5”

From what?  Not all manufacturers clubs are built to the same lie angle or length for a given club.  So +1.5° could be from a club that is 62° or 61°.  And when you take into account the manufactures tolerance of +/-1° on loft and lie, +1.5° isn't really helpful.  The good clubfitter/builder will adjust EACH iron for your swing based on the results of a swing or two made on a lie board, then adjusting the club based on the mark on the sole.

Adjusting a set of full set of irons across the board based on one number is doing a disservice to the end user.

A good fitter can bend cast.  Some are harder to do than others, but it can be done.  I've adjusted cast as much as 2.5°.  A little spooky to do, but it's possible.

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