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A couple of Information Technology tips

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I hope I am not telling anyone they do not already know, but I wanted to provide some helpful tips for those are using video like I am for recording golf feedback or instruction.

I use two FREE pieces of software (whether you are using Windows (like most) or Linux (for IT geeks like myself). Everyone in our field says their solution is the best for processing video and squeezing them down to size. I have tested many and come up with two handy programs for you.


VideoLAN (VLC) -

This software is very simple to use and can play just about every form of video known to Mankind. To use it for video cutting purposes is extremely simple:

  1. Download the software and install it.
  2. You can either open the program or right click on your video you want to edit and select Open With , then select VLC.
  3. Pause the video and use the slider at the bottom to navigate to the start point you want to edit.
  4. Click on Advanced, and it should display 3 buttons above your play,reward, and fast forward buttons. Click the RED record button.
  5. Press Play and let the video play until you get to the point where you want to end the video.
  6. Press Stop and then Press the record button again.
  7. Go to your My Videos (windows) or Videos (Linux) directory. Your saved recording should be labled as vlc- .mp4 .

There ya go.


Handbrake -

Handbrake lets you squeeze or transform your video into a managable size for your Android, Apple, or Blackberry phone or tablet. More importantly, if you have high definition cameras (like I do) you will probably need to squeeze your video down a bit to upload it to sites for your or your instructor's view pleasure.

Both software packages really help me out with managing my recordings without taking much time for fancy video editing or compressing software. Both software packages also give me a great deal of versatility.

Let me know if you have problems.


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I will have to give them a look.  What advantage do you find over just using VI golf


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Originally Posted by VegasRenegade

I will have to give them a look.  What advantage do you find over just using VI golf

Open source and always free. I always try to advise folks of alternatives. Big proponent of open source software were applicable.

Given that I operate from the Linux platform and use Blackberry products, I look for alternatives for those like me.


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    • Isn't that the truth. I cringe at the man on the street interviews where they ask basic questions like, "Who won the civil war?" and people don't even know who was in it. 
    • So... since the last time I posted, I got out last Saturday and played the front nine at the club we joined with my son.  I didn't play very well, but I didn't play too poorly.  I posted a 47 that included 2 uncharacteristic penalties on that side of the course.  I found myself focusing too much on my son and not enough on my own game, so... it wasn't a horrible nine holes.

      We then went away for a quick vacation and I didn't touch my clubs for 6 days.  On Friday, my kids were off from school, so I took my son out again and my daughters tagged along to look for lost balls and do cartwheels in the grass.  Again, nothing great... but nothing horrible.  My 46 was entirely the result of feeling 'off' when standing over the ball.  I managed to scramble pretty well towards the end, but I hit only 1 of 9 greens and only 2 of 7 fairways.  My putting kept the score somewhat respectable.  

      Today, I met with a friend of mine at a club I've only played once.  It was the club I was planning on joining, but my wife talked me out of it because it's about 45 minutes from home.  In the end, she was right and I'm extremely happy with the club we joined.  Anyway... it was cool all day long, which I loved... but the winds were 15+ MPH all day long... which I didn't love.  On the range prior to teeing off, I was hitting the ball very well.  I was hammering my driver and my irons felt good.  When I got on the course, my driver swing went away.  I played the first 7 holes really well, and then had a horrible triple bogey on the 8th hole followed by a bogey on the 9th.  I turned a 41 into a 45 in a hurry.  The back was ugly all around.  I managed to break 50, but just barely with a 49.  My 45 - 49 = 94 was not all that bad considering the wind and the fact that I've NEVER played a course set up more ridiculously with tricked-up pin positions.  I figure with some more accessible hole locations and even moderately less wind, my score could have been 5-6 strokes lower.  Still... a 94 is a 94, so... I'll deal with it.  

      I'm hoping to play 2-3 more times this week, but it'll depend on work.  

      Hoping to put some good scores up!

    • Retired 12/31/15. Trying to get in as much golf as possible.  Purchased Lowest Score Wins.  Most helpful publication about golf I've ever read. Been to Golf Evolution in Erie and met Eric.  Profited from that session.  Hope to do more.
    • Thanks @nevets88 I narrowly escaped watching 2 two hours of stuff getting crushed...
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