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Titleist 910 D3 + Grafalloy Blue

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so i'm getting really interested in just making a driver myself.  i currently bag a 2009 nike sq dymo stiff flex 9.5.  here is basically what i experience with that stick:

-105-110mph average swing speed

-3800rpm backspin

-16 degree launch angle

-250-260y carry, 5-10y roll

my biggest drawback is spin.  i've read a lot about shafts and i think the grafalloy blue stiff would be a great spin reducer.  i think i'd like to stick with a 9.5 head even though my swing speed is borderline 8.5, and shaft is borderline X stiff for that matter too.

i've hit the 910 d3 on launch monitors several times, and i always hit is consistently and pretty long.  i put a lot of spin on it though, but i think i can attribute much of that to the shaft.

at any rate i realize this may be a fail miserably, but i'm willing to do it for fun since it's not terribly expensive, knowing i can probably get a pretty good price out of on ebay if i must.  any tips for this build, like shaft length perhaps?  also curious if you think my specs above would benefit from a build like this.

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Are you talking about the ProLanch blue? If so i have some experiance. I actually have very similar numbers to you. The blue to me felt very wippy like my swing was way ahead of the club. when i got fit for my new driver i hit that, and all the diamana shafts with some project x shafts. I really liked the mid launching kaili shaft with my d2 i can hit pretty straight drives with it and a really nice penitrating flight . let me know what you think

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i meant the original blue.  the prolaunch blue is actually the exact opposite of the original blue.  in fact the prolaunch red replaced the original blue, and that's the shaft i ended up with.  i also paired it with an adams fast 12 ls, and wow, what an excellent decision.

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    • A half inch is a half degree. But that still doesn't make this chart make sense. 
    • I ordered a PING G400 LST Driver with a Tour 65 x stiff shaft back in August. I was told that it wouldn't even ship until October. I had hit the regular G400 head with the x-stiff Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft at a demo day and liked it even though I had to adjust the loft as low as it could go (8°) and I still launched it too high with too much spin. I was told the SLT head along with the Tour 65 shaft would correct the issues so I took a leap of faith and ordered it. While I waited for my driver to arrive I have been playing the demo because I hit it really straight even though I lost some distance due to launch and spin. Fast forward to yesterday, my new G400 SLT driver arrives. I take it out to the range and the course to play a few holes. What a difference! Club designers must be geniuses. Now with the loft set at 8.5° I launch the ball on a great angle and it goes and goes without falling out of the air. I haven't hit it on the monitor yet but I can tell the spin rates are much better. I hit the new driver and the demo to side by side and the SLT goes a good 15-20 yards farther. I just find it amazing what they are able to do with these driver heads by just moving a little weight around here and there. It's also a huge reason to get fitting if you want to play your best.
    • That new chart is wacked.  I have the original on my PC at home. Arturo has it the way I understood it... " the dot refers only to the head in relation to the factory standard lie angle which is black" I was measured on my wrist to floor and that gave them the starting point of Black +1". I then hit some balls off the lie board with tape and that showed I needed to be a lil upright so they gave me Blue dot, standard length shafts but it still off a bit.  Grabbed Blue dot, +1" and I was hitting the ball and board good so that was what I went with.  Any of my other clubs I have gone with 1* upright and +1" on shaft length.   ***** Just found this so I thought I would add it to the post ***** " a well-known standard in golf is that each 1/2" added to the shaft length = a 1* more UPRIGHT lie angle" Don't know if it is 100% but wanted to share as it might help OP with his dilemma.
    • Guess I'm not going to win this argument, so can't see the rules changing anytime soon. Hopefully the new 3 minute searching rule and maximum score on a hole will speed things up, as I guess that's one of the main reasons for changing them? Agree that ideally, we should have the same rules as the pros, but they do have advantages when it comes to looking for balls, in the form of a travelling army of spectators and marshals. Anybody who has followed a wild hitting group round in the British Open will know what I mean.
    • There are, particularly with Ping, a rather large set of variables.  And a large number of part options.  PowerSpec irons, as I understand, are "hosel bent" to reduce the loft.  Probably a bad description of what is done on my part but it, apparently, utilizes the cavity indentation near the heal/hosel.    Imagine doubling the number of parts in a Ping demo area.  Actually.... that's probably what they should do if they are going to offer it.  Regardless, it's back to the fitter time I am afraid.   
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