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My Swing (Rapson93)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 9 months

My current handicap index or average score is: 28

My typical ball flight is: Slight draw with all clubs

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Block right or pull left


Here is my swing in Slow Motion.

And a few in normal speed

I first picked up a club about 9-10 months ago now and only had my first ever lesson on Tuesday night to sort out a horrific swing and grip. This is my new one, so thoughts are appreciated.




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Flare your right foot at address... Looks like your toes are pointing at 12 o'clock - try opening that trail foot to 1 o'clock.  And the front foot should be pointing at 10 o'clock.  This will help setup a better turn on the backswing (right foot) and follow through (left foot).

Also notice how Dave's head at address is looking down at the golf ball.  This ensures the golf ball is in his central vision, by using his foveal system.  You need to have more neck tilt at address (lower your chin toward your chest) so that you can see the ball better.  This will help you stay in balance and hit the ball more consistently.

Make these changes and I'm sure we can keep throwing bits and pieces at you.  But you need to start with the basics first so that we can then lead into the other pieces which are more swing related.


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You're doing a lot of things right that many first year golfers struggle with. It looks like you stay on plane really well going back and then follow the same plane coming back down. That is something that people spend years and years working out, so that's a big plus.

One suggestion I have is regarding your tempo. It looks like you are a little bit stiff at setup, which makes your swing look somewhat mechanical. Just as a drill, you should try swinging the club back -> through -> back -> through -> back -> through without stopping to see what it feels like for the club to swing more on its own. I find when I do this my grip loosens, and the tension in my shoulders and forearms goes away. Then try to translate this feel into your regular swing.


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Thanks for the comments guys. dkling8 I do feel a little stretched and a little stiff at set up but I've only been using this grip and swing for 4 days now since my lesson and hopefully it will come.


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    • I went through the same experimentation phase with my "standard" clubs when I first began thinking about single length clubs a couple years ago, and as @inthecup mentioned, the results were not good -- the gaps were not good, the swing weights were different (because the head weights were different), lies were wrong, etc. But, I saw enough of an improvement in ball striking (i.e. not hitting fat as often on the long irons) that I tried the Pinhawks (ValueGolf). Aaron @ Value Golf has been selling Pinhawks for a couple years, but increasing demand for single length irons seems to outstrip supply occasionally (resulting in stock-outs). So if you're serious about trying it, sooner would be better than later -- I recently had to wait 30 days to send a contest winner their iron heads because they were completely out and were waiting for their next manufacturing run to be delivered.  
    • That sounds less like a slow play issue and more like a no play issue. I'd imagine your guys plopped down somewhere for a late afternoon picnic. They probably engaged in a few ball-hunting expeditions and may have taken a swim in a water hazard.  
    • Have been using one for a few months now and love it.  Has taken about 3 putts off my normal putts per round average.  Where I see the biggest difference is with my lag putting.  Has not made any difference with short putts, but I tend to miss the center of the face on longer putts and I have noticed a pretty significant difference.  The ball gets closer to the hole whereas my old Scotty would spray it further left, right, or short.   I am very confident it is giving me a chance at less 3 putts which was the biggest reason I bought one.   Its a very legit putter.  Worth trying out, but absolutely make sure to go to someone who knows how to fit for a putter.
    • I usually play munis. I try to have no time expectations (or for that matter, game expectations lol) when playing golf. I leave my house 45 minutes before a round, and usually get home 5 hours and thirty minutes later. 18 holes is anywhere from 4 to 4.5 hours. If I have later appointments I book golf earlier.  Over the past month I have invited a new person to golf on two separate occasions. (we are not trying to grow the game, just have an enjoyable outing with family or friend) We planned only 9 holes. Walking 9 holes and flailing at a little white ball tires a new comer. They have no idea of what pace of play means. We explained it and played pick up the f-----g ball if we started losing contact with those in front. We have a local 9 hole muni. It is often populated by occasional golfers. It is rated as intermediate difficulty. It is often slower on weekends and holidays. If I want to play there I either pick a different time or smell the roses.  If its two non golfing couples playing in front of us, I smell the roses. They have no clue what pace of play means, nor do they care. To me "golf is too slow" sounds like road rage. Golf is not instant gratification. Never has been. Need will be.
    • I started playing with them a few months ago and it took me about a month to get used to them seeing that I was coming off of players irons (Mizuno).  Getting much longer distances and can still work the ball well.  I needed more forgiveness which they provide.    Mizuno 7 iron distance was around 160-165.  Getting average 175 with the AP1's and if I really crank it (with the right weather conditions) have gotten the ball into the 185-190 range.  So, would say I am getting about a 10-15 yard added distance with these irons.   Its pretty remarkable how hot clubs are getting now.  Its allowing everyone to have a chance to play good golf as they age.
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