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New from West Auckland, NZ

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Hey all,

I've read here for a long time, and finally joined.

I don't play all that often, but I have loved the game ever since being a teenager. Having a small family now, I duck out when we are on holiday before the family wakes up for a quick 9 before breakfast. It is a favourite little exec course, about $12USD for 9 holes, and can get through in 1.5hours. Not long, but I take driver on one hole (300m) and 3w on two (170m). It is also really fun to play around the lakes there, it makes me less fearful of hitting water on a full course.

The game is very emotional for me, as everytime I play I remember my grandfather, who would take me to get lessons when I was on school holidays. I also remember him telling me to hurry up, so I read the threads on ready golf and efficiency on the course with interest. I remember him almost everytime I hit the fairways.

He was also a mean ball hawker, which I partake in order to keep a collection of balls coming in, I lose a lot to the right, and mishits to water. I also get reasonable balls, and without enough money to go round, it helps me save money for green fees and for the family. I see this is not a popular pastime, citing it slowing play, but I try not to do this when playing with others unless it is quick. I also really enjoy it, it adds a different aspect to the game for me.

My game is not good. I played a lot when I was a kid, and I remember hitting maybe one score 89, but the old boy would let me clean and place. Struggle to go under 110 right now, but I still love it.

Rouleur is a word used to describe a cycle racer that is neither a specialist climber or sprinter. They are considered all-rounders. And I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type. I like it.

I do ride to work several times a week, but it seems this doesn't help carry the clubs for 18!

My equipment is hand me down and secondhand, but it has been fitted for club angles. John Letters - Fred Daly clubs were the clubs I learned with, and have finally just had adjusted to fit me. My main gamers are Taylormade ICW5's. Have a MacGregor 3w and no-name driver. Ray Cook 60* and putter. PW is 49*, SW is 55*.

I just realised why my mates often hit less club than me, their 6iron is the same as my 5 due to the changes in lofts over time.

Swing is 70mph on 6iron, which the shop guy reckons is worth 90 on the driver.

I am trying to sort out a camera to post up a swing, as some experienced help could help me get under 100, and maybe under 90 again one day.. I've never shared so much, so I'm hoping putting m'self out there, some people will help out, or at least have a laugh at my game with me..

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Glad you still enjoy it even if you are not playing well, keep it up.  I love and hate this game at the same time.  I think that's why I keep playing it.  The pursuit of improvement. Welcome.

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