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What do y'all think of these?


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Um, do you want my honest opinion? No offense, but it looks quite cheesy. I don't wear visors anymore, but if I did, I wouldn't be caught dead in that one. Sorry. :(

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    • I had the exact same thought(s) a few months ago... My instructor made me slow way down and take a big shoulder turn with the driver. And man, that was pretty revolutionary advice for me. You probably are swinging 100+ It's really not that hard to do if you are in reasonably good shape. I'm not a physicist, but I'm pretty sure the head is out in front of the shaft at impact, kind of like a whip. Maybe somebody here can correct me.   
    • I have no issue hitting full swing shots on a sim (I won't get into the ball flight laws issue), but any kind of finesse shot (pitch, chip, putt) leaves a whole lot to be desired. Half the time it doesn't register my shot and the other half it's just wrong. I dunno how many times my ball has struck the screen dead centre but the sim says I pulled/pushed/shanked. Very frustrating. 
    • I still question the worth of this rule.....I am retired, my playing partners are not, so I do play a lot of solo rounds.  But what does posting or not posting matter? I play with my friends, go home and post my score online, they are not looking over my shoulder, does it count? I play at my home course with one other player I only know casually, we both keep our own scorecards, really could care less what the other person scores, does it count? I play away at a course, I am paired up with 3 strangers, I play my round, never see them again, then post my score, does it count? Nobody's called me yet to say these scores do or don't count, or ask who witnessed them.  The concept behind the rule is supposedly to achieve more honest scores for handicaps, right?  I can see no way it has ANY affect, other than penalizing the solo golfer and questioning his integrity. I want to have an honest handicap that best reflects my abilities, both good and bad, but posting rounds I play with others would only be about 20% to 25% of my scores.  With greater than 75%  not being counted, it can only skew the results, not better reflect reality.
    • Feinstein on Euro picks.
    • In the St. Louis area, private Bogey Hills CC opens itself to non-member preview days on a few Mondays each summer. You have to make a reservation, and the deal is: Before 2 PM: $49.50 + lunch. After 2 PM: $32.50 (no lunch) Bogey mainly promotes this through Walters Golf Management, which runs the club. The area's Big 4 clubs all have waiting lists, but some of the mid-level clubs have trimmed or eliminated initiation fees. Dynamic pricing now extends well beyond individual golf rounds. It seems private country clubs often have calculated an "ideal" number of members, so that the facilities are maximized without being crowded. The private country clubs often have tennis and swimming along with golf - and additional family activities - whereas the semi-private golf clubs normally just do golf.
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