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Heavier, Iron Like Hybrids?

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anthony    4

I've been bagging Nike Sumo (squared I think) 4 and 5 hybrids for the last 3 seasons with some success. While I've hit them okay, I've never had complete confidence swinging them, especially under pressure. So, this year I decided to put my 4 and 5 iron back in the bag (although the hybrids were more like 3 and 4 iron replacements respectively). I've played 9 holes 3 times with them and have been hitting them pretty well. The misses are just shorter shots as opposed to the hybrid which was a massive hook, spray to the right or a top (a top!! wtf?).

So, I started thinking that perhaps the weight and maybe the head design are throwing me off. My 4 iron has a nice weight and I like the feel of it. The general consensus seems to be "swing your hybrid like a 7 iron". Well, it doesn't look, feel or swing like my 7 iron, so I don't know how I'm supposed to do that. I just can't think 7 iron with these in my hand. I know Mizuno made the MP Fli-Hi, but that's apparently discontinued. Maybe the new Mizuno H4 3 iron? I don't know if it's quite the same. Any suggestions?

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RichardR    1

you can also add weight stickers to the back or bottom of your clubs to increase the weight.  before purchasing any club i suggest you hit it on the range or in the store. at that point you might be surprised on a club that you weren't thinking of purchasing out performing your choices.

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anthony    4

I went to dick's and golf galaxy to hit the MP-H4's, but neither had them in stock (although golf galaxy said they would be in this week). After some research, I determined that the MP-H4 in a 3 iron is just what I'm after. So, I ordered one in TT Dynalite Gold XP Stiff. Should take a week or so since it's custom.

Anyone want to buy a 4h and 5h Nike Sumo squared hybrid set in stiff shafts?

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    • Hiya All I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years - with a 5 year kid break My current handicap index or average score is: 18
      My typical ball flight is: pull/pull draw
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull draw Current swing thoughts are -Posture don't arch back and neck -Start backswing with right ass cheek -Just rotate on the way back, don't sway to the right -downswing - rotate body, rotate, rotate...ROTATE! -impact try to drive club face forward (impact bag feeling) not flip Not all at the same time, of course! Videos:     
    • Probably this,   No specifically, but the overall confidence level is probably low.  
    • This I really agree with.  Really   As it happens I went for the trackman certified guy.  Thanks for the all the thoughts, At lot of them made a lot of sense. Not sure I really got an answer into the fundamental question -How do you know if the advice you are being given is just plain wrong? I, for one, don't want to waste a couple of months being shown the wrong path.  It's a difficult game and weeding out the good advice from the bad is tricky.  The best I've found is to look at how an instructor fixes a "problem"  If they talk about fixing the movements that lead up to the problem, the previous links in the chain, then they get more points.  If they just fix the problem without referring to anything else, then they lose points with me.   Thanks for the help all. Now to get to the range again!  
    • Hi, just looking for some advice/ experiences from other members. My long irons are on the naughty step again and the 4 hybrid is back in the bag. I want to take out the long light graphite shaft and replace it with a steel shaft. I can't afford to buy a new shaft as I know people will tell me to go for the kbs hybrid shaft. Im doing the work myself on my old adams idea pro and the plan is to use one of a few shafts I have from previous experiments. My choices are a dg s300, dg sl r300 or taking the ping AWT reg flex shaft from my ping 4 iron. Anybody had good or bad results using any of these shafts in hybrids? The reason there is a stiff flex option in there is I have always used stiff graphite in hybrids before as I always lose the ball right with reg flex. I play reg steel shafts in my irons and I plan on building this hybrid to play at 4 iron length.  Any words of wisdom appreciated. Cheers.
    • Matt, Reading your post feels like you are expecting a bad result on the course. Don't focus on the expectation of a bad result. You will get a bad result. Listen to Erik's advice and clear everything else out. Be the ball Danny. Be the ball.
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