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My Swing (ChadParker)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 5+ years

My current handicap index or average score is: 40 on the front nine (36 par)

My typical ball flight is: long, high

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice, mostly with driver



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Sorry, you've got to hit a ball. Practice swings tell us nothing.


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Going off these practice swings (which as Stretch points out, could be totally different to your normal swing of hitting a ball) then:

From face on, you're trying to retain too much flex in your right knee and you're also sliding to the right a little bit. This isn't getting your right hip out of the way so you're turning flat with your shoulders. It's also making you pick the club up with your hands from the down the line view rather than more of a one piece takeaway where your hands go back towards your right heel in the first move. Feel as though the right leg straightens a bit and the right hip turns behind you and even towards the target, this will give you room to allow your left shoulder to go down towards your right toe with your hands going deeper and your shoulder on a steeper turn. you should be able to see your right foot all the time in the back swing if you feel like you're peering over your left shoulder too much then your shoulders aren't turning steep enough.
When your hands are picked up like that with your right hip in the way, you have no choice but to come over the top slightly as there is no room for your arms/ hands on the downswing.
Also looks like you have no spine tilt away from the target, coupled with your slight overswing, the hips move away from the target and the body tips over towards the target, this  will tend to assist you coming over the top even with a good lower body action. Maybe the steeper shoulder turn will sort this issue out but something to look out for.
You've got good posture, though removing a little bit of knee flex and increasing your spine angle over the ball wouldn't be a bad thing. You come through the ball really well though and have a nice tempo.  Sort out your pivot/ takeaway and then post another video, this time hitting a ball :-)

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    • Went out today and played a ridiculously quick 18 hole round (2 hours and 20 minutes) at a course I like to play every once in awhile just for a change of pace.  I hadn't touched a club for 9 days, so I really wanted to get out and play so I didn't lose all the gains I'd been making recently.

      I played the back tees (72.9 / 127 / 6748) and struggled a little bit.  

      No warm-up at all and my opening tee shot went directly into the woods & out of bounds.  I ended up with a 50 on the front that included a birdie, a triple, a quad and a quintuple bogey.  

      The back wasn't a whole lot better, but I had some good holes... and then I had 5 doubles.  It all added up to a 47 on the back.

      My 50 - 47 = 97 would be an ESC score of 92 for handicap purposes.  

      I just felt a little lost today.  A lot of things started right on me... others drifted right.  There was no consistency to my game and I'm going to have to get back out again a couple of times over the next few weeks to ensure I'm ready for the last 2 tournaments of the year.

    • He contributed.  Terrible way to go, Alzheimers.  RIP.
    • Everyone in this country has the right to peaceful protest, but that doesn't insulate them from being considered disrespectful or from being criticized for their actions.   Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the timing of his protest a bit suspicious given he only chose to sit out the National Anthem when it was reported that he might lose his job at starting QB to Gabbert?   What was the catalyst that made him sit in protest this past week but nor previous weeks?   He'd been interviewed throughout training camp, I don't recall any news stories where he spoke out about the oppression of African Americans or the actions of law enforcement.  
    • ?? Isn't this the case with probably 99% of all stories or instances of things people get outraged about? I'm not outraged or offended by what he did. Let him sit, it will have next to no real effect for his so called cause. As others have stated, if he or any of the other celebrities who talk about the supposed "oppression of blacks/minorities" actually put their their money where their mouths are they'd have a much much larger impact. Just like the "feed the starving children" or "help the homeless" campaigns led by these rich celebrities asking the average person to donate when they could completely finance the charities and pretty much not even notice it financially. But, yeah, let's sit down for the national anthem because the American flag is a symbol of "oppression" towards blacks and minorities.
    • I posted some awards I am missing in that link The more I think about it, the more I think I am going to go with Evolvr unless someone around here has some personal experience.  Now I feel special that there isn't many of the ball markers out there.  I have ditched all my other markers and divot tools and just keep tees for tee boxes and fixing divots along with my special ball marker.
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