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Ping eye 2 help

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As a graduation present I was given a set of ping eye 2's. At the time I just played once in awhile and was not to concerned about how well I played. I have since improved immensely and just shot my first round under 90. I have only been playing for about 1.5 years but have fallen in love with the game. The problem with the ping eye 2's is that the grips are pretty shot and need to be replaced. I am having a hard time to deciding whether to replace the grips or replace the clubs. Seeing as getting the clubs regripped could run from 60-90 dollars and I could buy some newer used clubs for 300 or so I can't decide what to do. I am certainly going to continue playing and once my NCAA sports career ends I will be playing even more. Those of you who have more knowledge than I do about golf equipment could help me out with a few options of used clubs I could look at and any experience you have had with this same problem. Thank you very much.

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If you like them, get them regripped. The Ping Eye 2 and the Tommy Armour 845 series are two of the best cavity-back iron models of the pre-2000 era.

In a recent scramble, a thirty-something guy played Eye2s, and he just smoked those irons on the practice range. (Unfortunately, he was on another team). Some current players have bought them and had them reshafted with modern tubes.

I played Eye2 clones (by Pro Tour) from 1994 to 2008. Main reason I switched was I couldn't bend the stiff shafts anymore.


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I have new Pings but still have and still play my Eye 2s, love those clubs. Have them re-gripped. And don't ever get rid of them even if you do get another set (which you will), they fun to go out and play after you get the "new" technology.


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Thank you guys very much. Definitely going to get them regripped now.

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