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Golf set for elderly shorter player?

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My father-in-law of 74 years old would like to pick up the game of golf - it's never too late!

He's 5.0 feet tall, so he has a difficult time hitting with my clubs, even if he shortens up on the clubs, which are regular male adult length.

Custom clubs is not an option due to budgetary restricrtions, so I'm considering purchasing a junior set, age 11-12 in that range.

Does the junior club approach here make sense? Any opinions would be welcome.




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How much you want to spend? Could check out Hireko golf and custom order a set a couple inches short. Probably graphite. But yeah a teen ager set might do the trick.;=item416a27c10f&_uhb=1

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This is a classic example of when custom fitting would help.

If possible, pair him with a pro who also does club fittings. Have him take a couple of lessons to get he basics, and then get a static fitting for a set of clubs he likes. Static fitting measures clubs for physical fit. This includes: shaft length, lie angle check, and grip thickness. Chances are he'll need thinner grips.

You could consider youth clubs, or possibly women's clubs in petite range (1"shorter shafts, lower lie angle).

After a couple of lessons, put him on a launch monitor and see what clubhead speed he has. Them, do the static fitting for a set of clubs he likes.


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Thanks for the feedback, that is exactly what we did!

He ended purchasing a junior set BUT with a bigger bag.


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    • I think it better to practice on as many types of greens as possible . I have noticed that if you don't you only get the feel of one course To be a complete putter need to play slow and fast greens.  Slow green are great to develop confidence on short putts but sometimes can be too bump on long putts Fast greens roll truer on longer putts and I like to see how close I can the ball and judge fast greens but short putts can be scary as there more chance for lip outs and longer 2nd putt
    • There is one in the office where I work. If I use the Five Simple Keys as a framework what does it help: 1 - Steady Head, nope it's not for this 2- Weight forward, nope it's not for this 3 - Flat left wrist (at impact), perhaps this 4- Diagonal Sweetspot Path, I don't think so 5 - Clubface Control, not really, maybe a little but it would be more efficient to just use the either side of the target drill with a regular club and ball   So maybe it would help with key 3?  If that is your problem, maybe it will help you.  I don't think it's necessary though.
    • It's a bit of a band-aid. You'd get similar results with any static weight distribution. Essentially, what's happening is that with a weight transfer in your swing, you're swaying backward and then forward and there are small timing differences between that and your arms and upper body, which bring your path over different points on the ground and so affect your ball-striking accuracy. By keeping your weight in one place, you silence the "yips" your lower body produces during the weight shift, and so you increase the accuracy of your ball striking. This is one reason that many coaches advocate narrowing your stance for short iron and pitching shots. Due to the loft of the club and the desire for a high launch and soft landing, pitching requires you to get that leading edge underneath the ball but still hit the ball first, making the pitch swing a game of millimeters between a good shot and a thinned or turfed one. So, a narrow stance and minimum weight transfer helps ensure the iron gets right back to where it was at address to slide under the ball. However, for full-swing, full-distance shots, this no-sway approach comes at the cost of swing power; by not moving your hips or giving yourself more room to push off your right leg, you're giving up on most or all of the power that your lower body can produce, focusing instead on upper-body and core strength. The result will be a slower swing speed. If your distances are still acceptable for the game you play, then I say no harm done, but if you'd like 5-10 yards more from each iron when you want it, you'll need to loosen up your lower body again and get your weight transfer and hip rotation in sync with your swing.
    • What club do you guys use to spin the ball back with? I feel like I have more control at 78 yard with a 9 iron rather than SW. Given a nice clean lie ,a soft cover ball and clean grooves I feel more comfortable using a 9 or 8 iron 3/4 swing hit steeply and ball lands 80-85 yards and spins back several feet . That might be the ideal shot if pin is at the front 
    • Having written a fair amount of reviews I can say that with today's club there is only relatively minor differences between most of them. This means yes, they are all pretty good. We are now at a point with golf design where they are forced to eek out fractionally better performance metrics.  That said, I certainly feel that getting the right "mix" and by mix I mean shaft and head combination can certainly be beneficial for certain players. I have watched guys getting fit improve spin numbers dramatically with a shaft change. Launch conditions could be made better through optimization of lofts or even certain heads. So my lesson is look for something you like how it looks, read up on any reviews here on TST and then go get fit on a TrackMan/FlightScope to find the best "fit" for you. 
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