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Golf set for elderly shorter player?

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My father-in-law of 74 years old would like to pick up the game of golf - it's never too late!

He's 5.0 feet tall, so he has a difficult time hitting with my clubs, even if he shortens up on the clubs, which are regular male adult length.

Custom clubs is not an option due to budgetary restricrtions, so I'm considering purchasing a junior set, age 11-12 in that range.

Does the junior club approach here make sense? Any opinions would be welcome.




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How much you want to spend? Could check out Hireko golf and custom order a set a couple inches short. Probably graphite. But yeah a teen ager set might do the trick. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Adams-IDEA-Teen-Boys-Golf-Set-Right-Hand-Set-with-Bag-58-68-Tall-/280953864463?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash;=item416a27c10f&_uhb=1

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This is a classic example of when custom fitting would help.

If possible, pair him with a pro who also does club fittings. Have him take a couple of lessons to get he basics, and then get a static fitting for a set of clubs he likes. Static fitting measures clubs for physical fit. This includes: shaft length, lie angle check, and grip thickness. Chances are he'll need thinner grips.

You could consider youth clubs, or possibly women's clubs in petite range (1"shorter shafts, lower lie angle).

After a couple of lessons, put him on a launch monitor and see what clubhead speed he has. Them, do the static fitting for a set of clubs he likes.


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Thanks for the feedback, that is exactly what we did!

He ended purchasing a junior set BUT with a bigger bag.


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    • If you use a laser, I'd get a distance to the group ahead, and use that to define what you do.  "They're 200 away, and I hit my driver about 230 most times, I better wait".  Using actual numbers may make it easier for them to understand that you're not just being overly optimistic.  Other than that, you'll have to learn their habits, and in turn they'll learn about you too.
    • Could one of you good golfers explain why this is important?  I understand enjoying feeling a great shot, but I do not see how immediate feedback help you.  The ball has already left the face of the club and there is nothing you can do at that point to correct any mistakes.  Is it purely a practice thing, so you train your muscles to swing correctly?
    • Generally speaking, as long as you are wearing shorts/pants and a t-shirt at minimum most courses around here don't care. However, at nicer courses I don't know why a more strict dress code can't be implemented. These courses are trying to appeal to a different market of people who expect a certain level of decorum. I don't mind if there's a dress code and I'll actively look to make sure before I visit a course so that I know what's required of me. I can golf in jeans and a t-shirt just as well as I can in golf slacks and a polo shirt. The only clothing that will cause me issues is if I have to wear long sleeves or layers, and that's never going to be something that a club requires so I've never worried. I guess, in direct response to the question, no I don't think golf needs to relax it's dress code because most courses I've played already have pretty relaxed rules on dress and I'd hate to see it get any more relaxed.
    • I've joined a senior league and I've truly enjoyed playing with everyone new so far. The pairings change every week, and players don't get to choose - I'm fine with that BTW. But ages range from 60 to 90, I'm 63. I find myself waiting to hit, to the apparent dismay of others in my group who could hit. I hit 250+ off the tee, my playing partners have ranged from 125-200. If I'm 200 yards from a green I have to wait, while my playing partners would not. I liked the guy a lot, but I was waiting to hit and one 85 year old on our second hole together volunteered 'they're a long way off.' I do not know the course yet,  but I said 'so I should hit?' and they all nodded yes. I switched from a 3i to a 5i and still dropped it 10 yards behind the foursome ahead... I don't enjoy waiting either, so I get anxious, and I'm sure I'll mishit a few which makes me look like I didn't need to wait. I understand they don't want to wait, but I don't want to layup every time they're waiting on me. Probably no good answer, but I thought I'd ask.
    • To those who constantly repeat that the jeans shouldn't be worn because they are uncomfortable:  They may not be comfortable for YOU (although I really don't get this unless it's a climate issue), but your comfort and mine or another's are not equal.  I've worn jeans as my leg-wear of choice my entire life, both for work and play.  The same is true of 95% of the people I've worked and played with.   I don't wear them when it's 95° out (I usually wear neat cargo shorts), but I do play a LOT of golf in 50° and 60° weather, and they are perfect for that.  They are tough and take a lot of punishment, but are easy to clean.  They offer many different fits, so comfort and freedom of movement is only compromised if you choose the wrong style.  They have a wide range of prices from Rustler, to Wrangler to Levis to designer styles.   I wear Wranglers mostly, relaxed fit, and I can't imagine anything better for all around wear.  I wear them to work in the yard.  I wear them camping and fishing.  I wear them when we go out in the evening.  I wear them until the summer heat dictates shorts, but even then I will sometimes change back to jeans on cool summer nights here on the high plains or in the mountains. League this evening will probably be jeans, as the high today is forecast to be only 60°.  I'll wait and see if it's cargo shorts or denim, but those are really the only choices I'll have to make.  I choose not to play at venues where my preferences are under a decree of prohibition.  There are plenty of really good golf courses which adhere to a more unfettered point of view.
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