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Want to go to college for golf? Need help/advice

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Im currently 21 years old and I've got approximately 60 general credits from my local community college. Over the past few years I could not decide on what career or field I wanted to get into. After working at a golf course for 6 years, I think this is where I want to stay. I work maintenance and I wouldn't mind being a superintendent or work inside, or even a golf pro. I never played golf competitively, but I do play A LOT. I would say 4-5 times a week and while I'm not ready to become a pro, I feel that if I dedicated myself to golf and took it seriously, I could perhaps get my handicap low enough for the PGM program. My question is about which route is better. Should I transfer to a 4 year university? ( I live in michigan, so I'm very close to Ferris State ). Or should i go into a 2 year program. A friend i used to golf with went to Keiser in florida and he says he loves it, the problem is i'm not sure which route is the better one. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I know in order to get accepted into the PGM program, you have to have a USGA handicap of 8 i believe. Is this also the case even if I wanted to be a superintendent or run the golf course operations? I would understand why you have to have a good handicap if you want to be an instructor obviously.


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IF you want to work on a greens crew and eventually be a head superintendent, PGM is not what you want.

You need to find a university College of Agriculture program in turf management or golf course management.

Take a look at these sites as examples of such programs:


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My college roommate's brother went the agriculture route and has been interning/working at Oakmont for the past two summers. I'm not sure what program he went through though.


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    • Hey @RandallT, digging around I came across some info that confirmed that golf score distributions are only approximately normal (positively skewed) and experience the low side resistance leading to some pile-up of probability on that end vs. a less 'bounded' long tail on the high side.    
    • A couple of states allocate their electoral college votes. Not all of them are winner take all. Its up to the state to decide how the votes are cast. The electoral college (in essence) is a control feature put in by the founding fathers of the US to prevent mob rule. It may not be necessary anymore, but its not a redundant system. California's will still carry more weight than Iowa, Wyoming etc.. None of it gets more Republicans elected as president. Which is what my feeling tells me this thread is really about. Apolitical middle americans that only vote every four years is the voting bloc that more or less that elects presidents, anyway. 
    • 3, 4 and 5 are just work around that might result in a fix but unless you understand the problem it will probably stop working in the long run.

      Four things that really helped me with a slice are... 1) Understanding why a ball slices or hooks - and learning about swing plane  2) Learning how to grip a golf club and what happens to the club face with a strong V a weak grip  3) Slowing down my swing 4) setup and posture, knowing why a slightly lower right shoulder encourages the ball to launch higher and why ball position matters and what happens if you change the width of your stance etc in the same vane what happens when you grip down on the club or move your right foot back? Why does it help you? (the answer is that choking down on the club reduces the length of the club which makes it easier to keep on plane and moving the right foot back is doing the same thing as you are obviously not clearing your legs and then swinging out to in, which indicates a setup issue - maybe distance from ball but hard to say without seeing the swing).  With the above I was able to then visualise hitting a target out to the right of the ball - a very over emphasised in to out swing, which combined with a strong grip resulted in some very nice strong draws, using a slightly more neutral grip (somewhere in the middle for me) and using the same swing resulted in straighter drives. I am now noticing how much the choice of ball matters and things like wind direction and even the shapes of fairways and having to shape the shot to counter for slopes and hills, which is a nicer problem to have. I think the key is in understanding what is happening, like really understanding it, so even if you mess it up during a round and slice or hook a few you will not lose your confidence as its not voodoo. Now if only I could swing my irons, putt and use a wedge :) 

    • Had a frozen right shoulder after heart surgery - massage did not loosen it up enough - cortisone shot and stretching it out - doc's orders were to stretch it until you screamed in pain for 10 seconds. After another 9 months - it worked. The cortisone allowed me to stretch it out. Advice - change all clubs except putter to lighteweight graphite shafts. Will get rid of future shoulder and elbow pain. In fact, for younger guys, no reason not to go with high quality graphite since golf is a game for life, and pain is no way to go through life.
    • Thanks, all. Yeah, the Tevas are downright hazardous on most Texan soil that you have to stand still upon for any length of time.  Just begging to be taken out by fire ants. San Antonio has some decent course options and a -technically- long potential season of good weather, though Summer can be rough.  It's just now starting to drift down into the low 80s.
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