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Another used iron question

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I have been a casual golfer for many years.  By that I mean I would play a few times per year...actually I guess calling myself a golfer, at all, may be a stretch.

I was able to get my son interested in playing in the last year or so and now my wife and daughter are playing too.  We just joined a club and we hope to be playing regularly so it's time to update/upgrade my clubs.

I was measured for clubs last week - I need 3* upright, + 1.5 ", and steel shafts.

I don't really want to spend the $$$ for new brand name clubs yet.  I came across and I can have a set built to my specs for around $150.  I may also be able to buy an old set of Pings (Eye 2, Zings, etc.) - white dot, for about the same price.

So, opinions please - gigagolf vs. Ping Eye 2s vs. something else?

Thanks in advance!


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You could always look on sites like, Ebay or Global Golf. Back to your question I would test a club before I buy it.

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Testing a club is always the preferable option. However you should be able to find a set of PING Eye-2's or ZINGS's in the correct dot color for around $150 or so on Ebay or Craigslist. If I had to use a set sight unseen, the Eye-2's are one almost everyone can use. I have a ZING 5 iron and like it and could also suggest those, but if you don't like them, they don't have the universal appeal that the Eye-2's have in my opinion. The Eye-2's especially should be easy to unload if you don't like them. Invest in a set of new grips and keep them changed when they wear out and actually you may be satisfied for a long time.

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Being you have unique fitting requirements, try the Ping Eye2 irons. Test them out, and make sure you can hit them.

Met a guy at a charity scramble in May. He played the Eye2s, and was just smoking them on the practice range. Unfortunately, he was on someone else's team.

People uncertain about their golf game can buy a lot of trouble getting this club and that online. If you buy clubs online and they don't quite fit, it can be another $100 to get them tweaked to what you need.

Also, don't forget to get the right thickness of grip.


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    • The tournaments I enter do not use my USGA handicap, it uses a handicap from the associations own summary of scores (I don't enter any scores, they do everything on their own).  My USGA handicap I use for only my own reflection.  I guess I never made that clear.
    • Go for it. But as it's fairly off topic here, please post in this thread:   If your proposal to improve 18-2 is to not allow marking/lifting/cleaning on the putting green… it doesn't really change 18-2 at all, because the ball can still move after being at rest, due to the player or other things. This thread is to propose changes to rule 18-2. Everyone gets to have their own opinion, but I've yet to see one that has changed my mind. I'm against making the standard of proof "virtual certainty" (particularly when your ball is on pine straw, or in the rough, or countless other situations beyond the putting green), but I'd be amenable to some sort of threshold around 75%, not that I have the faintest idea how to word it or apply that relatively evenly. That's incorrect. The weight of all evidence is considered and the most likely cause(s) identified. If the player was ten feet away and the wind didn't blow and the earth didn't shake or other things… the player would not be deemed at fault even without any "extenuating circumstance(s)." Your proposal is based on a misunderstanding of the current rule. DJ was deemed to have caused the ball to move, because of his actions very near to the ball in time and space. He caused his ball to move, the rules committee deemed. It wasn't simply the lack of "extenuating circumstances" that doomed DJ. It was what he did right near the ball and right around the time the ball moved. The absence of those "extenuating circumstances" and the presence of his own actions are what caused the rules committee to feel he surpassed the 50% threshold. The USGA and R&A apply this rule the same. I suggest you re-read 18-2/0.5 again. Particularly: @Gunther, 18-2 is not a case of "guilty unless proven innocent." I believe @Fourputt was suggesting the rule go back to the way it was a decade ago or so. I disagree with that (reverting to the older rule), @Fourputt. Yes, it was "cleaner" to apply, but it resulted in penalty strokes being assessed to players who did nothing wrong and did not, themselves, cause the ball to move. That's not worth the "cleanliness" IMO.
    • Sort of along these same lines for me.  I'm not at 2.5 but in the past year I've passed under 5.4 and 4.4, both of which are threshholds for qualifying tournaments I've always wanted to play.  As long as I can stay under those threshholds, and ideally keep going down (there is another qualifier available to me at 3.4, as well as at 2.4 and 1.4) then I'll be happy and keep entering those qualifiers.  But if I don't, then well, it's not a huge deal either.
    • Ugh. High heeled golf shoes. No thanks. 
    • Actually it looks like there are several local rules that allow dropping in a water hazard. EDIT:  Sorry, do these just mean a bunker and not any type of water hazard?  
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