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New here, hello

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Howdy, I happened across this community earlier today and I have to say it looks like a very positive place to discuss golf and help each other out. I am not a golfer of any accomplishment. Growing up we were members of the local golf club but I never really  had much interest in the sport then, the fact that I could not step into it and immedietely be rewarded with positive results did not help. I have been on the course very sparsely, maybe once every 2 or 3 years since my childhood. Well, coming into my early 30s I guess I was recently struck with a desire to give the game an honest shot. Not a naive and childish expectation that I could go out and receive instant gratification from a game that I have yet to put an adequate down payment of my sweat and time into. These days, I have been spending time trying to learn from Ben Hogan. Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals has been my guide book for a few weeks. I don't have it down yet by far but I'm picking some things up. Glad to be here.


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