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Pittsburgh Golf recs?

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My boss and I will be entertaining some business associates in late August,and  it looks like Pittsburgh is near the top of our list for a destination (I wouldn't have thought of it, but apparently they really want to check out the city). In addition to catching a Pirates game, our hope is to get in at least one round of golf at a really nice course. Last year, we took these guys to Kohler, so cost is not an issue. I trust this board more than a random google search, so help me out Sand Trap! Any beautiful Pitt-area courses out there?

Also, any good bar/dinner recommendations would be welcomed.


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    • I don't think you would want to do it on purpose.  Meaning like @MRR stated you don't want to do it consciously as this involves different muscles and memory patterns and will probably throw your swing off.  I'm not sure that any of these guys realize they are doing it.  Obviously they have seen it while watching themselves, but I don't think its something they were trying to do for extra power.  Bubba Watson does it too, so its not just the "vertically challenged" that do it they are just swinging at 120+mph so that's the result of it.
    •  If Donald Ross didn't visit the site of a golf course when asked to design it, what process did he use to design the golf courses? Did he required any sort of geographical information, like a survey? Here's an excerpt from a letter he wrote to Ponkapoag:
      "I will require a general plan of the property on a scale of one inch equals one hundred feet and contours at five foot intervals to be supplied by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. After the course is laid out I will submit a general plan of the whole layout and also individual plans and specifications for each hole. Mr. Walter B. Hatch, my Associate...expects to call on you..." In the case of Ponkapoag, he did visit. However, the letter gives you some sense of how part of that process worked. ......................................................
          How would you describe his philosophy when it came to designing a golf course? Ah, one could write an entire book on that alone. There's a large chapter on that in the Ross book (I did another book on how they transformed the barren wasteland of Pinehurst into a dreamworld previously:
      He tried to incorporate all the natural features of the land. He tried to accommodate a wide variety of playing levels. He wanted thinking/strategy to be part of the experience. There are many, many different parts to how he approached design.
      Basically, he tried to make his designs as invigorating and intriguing and enjoyable as he could. ......................................................
       Did he actually visit the Lucerne area to see the course or was this a "postcard" design?  And are there very many Donald Ross 9 hole courses remaining?
      I don't think there are an abundance of 9 hole courses. In the appendix of my book there is a complete list (as we know it at this time) of all his courses. One of the items noted is how many holes he designed at each course. Regarding Lucerne, have a look here and tell me what you think and we'll discuss further: That is from the Tufts Archives in Pinehurst, by the way. It is an organization absolutely worth supporting. You can find information on many of the individual courses here:  
    • Now THERE is a VLOG! I just wanted to bump this thread for a few reasons: To get it going again. I want people to consider vlogging their rounds this season. It's fun, and editing can be fun (and it can be pretty painless, especially once you get good at it). To point out that we have a new VLOG award! It's not been awarded to anyone yet, but you can find it here: To earn this badge you have to have completed 3 VLOGs and posted them here. VLOGs should be at least seven holes, since that's what counts for a nine-hole round posted for handicap. To encourage people to post VLOGs of OTHER people playing. It doesn't just have to be us. It can be like the above. I think the Newport Cup applications have led to some really nice VLOGs already. Let's see some more!
    • Dick's signed a 10-year lease in Fairview Heights, IL. D will occupy the old Sports Authority site just south of I-64 (see arrow on far right). Golf Galaxy likely will become an embedded shop in Dick's once its current lease runs out nearby.
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