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One can spend hundreds of dollars on little practice items, accessories, when you more than likely have exactly what you need laying about the house.  To wit: I have a practice drive mat made out of artificial turf. The kind that is course enough to hold a regular tee, and simulates real turf to a great degree.  I had been wanting to buy some of those mat tees but never got around to it and the price was generally around $5.00, they are prone to cracking e.t.c.   I found a plastic tee that looked almost identical to what is commercially sold, I think it may have come off an old pull cart or something. I drilled a hole in the mat and stuck it up through from the bottom in between the mat and the plywood base. Only problem was it was a little short. I then found an old piece of black tubing which was probably off the lawn soaker hose. The diameter was such that it would slip over the plastic tee and down into the hole and fit snug enough. Now I cut off the length(s) I need, slip them over the tee and voila!  Instant interchangeable golf tees on my practice mat.  Want to practice hitting a one iron?  No problem.  Lofted fairway wood? No problem. For pitches and chips, remove the tee and hit directly off the mat making sure I am standing on another the same height. No divot, but it is plush enough to accomplish pretty much the same thing as real turf.  Being a "cheap skate" has its rewards.


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I just can't stop tinkering.....I now have an eight foot putting range in the bedroom (Carpet runner and a coffee mug that has an arch you putt through with no room for error; a 45 foot pitching/chipping/driving range with target backdrop stolen from the commercial hitting cage; hitting cage with area rug suspended between the stays that used to hold the stolen target backdrop ; driving mat with interchangeable rubber tees; camera and tripod.  All I need now is find a bean bag chair to use as a smash bag. Its off to the local swap meet one of these days. And one day a sports sensor to measure swing speed.  I am becoming a "practiceaholic". (but still manage to play some)  Oh, and a 3 gallon ceramic water cooler complete with spigot. Fill with ice cubes and water (or Margaritas). Patio furniture too.  C'mon over !!


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    • It was fun to watch, Rory slowly moving up the leaderboard and with Chappell becoming a bit nervy on the final holes, Rory made it into a playoff. Rory didn't take full advantage of his shots on the par 5, and on the 15th I thought he had lost it. But great putts on the 15th and 16th to win in. What a fantastic golfer to watch, and he can smash the ball out there, almost hit his drive it in the lake on 18.
    • The length of the driving range is limited by houses and a road. So the ball flight is way shorter as with normal balls. So what reads 200 yards on the driving range in reality is much shorter. But I think this does not really matter for now. What I found out is the following. When doing my grip I twist my left wrist extremly to the right. At impact this delofts my clubs a big time. The head is very closed. The iron 7 I was talking about at least becomes an iron 4 loftwise ( i am judging this by eye on comparing to my other clubs). So now numbers maybe begin to make sense. Loftwise we are talking about an iron 4. What happens to the driver is that it even gets a negative loft which explains why balls just go up in the air with a very long tee. The 3 wood on the other hand gets the loft the driver should have. So this makes the longest shots. This is also explains why I had a very hard time hitting my hybrid. This hybrid (4 iron) becomes something like a club with loft 0.  So probably I am twisting my wrist to much ( there is a special term for this hand position which I don't remember). But this gives me 2 advantages. 1) I don't slice the ball with the driver 2) It is easier to hit down on the ball with the iron for me. Before this I had the wrist turned to the left (I think this is called neutral grip) which did not work at all for me. So I think in general this hand position helps a lot when not overdoing it. The V of the left hand index and middle finder should point to the right shoulder as far as I know. My V pointed right of my shoulder. I will tweak this position a bit. I think I am just overdoing it at the moment. I am pretty sure the iron 7 distance will get down when doing this and the driver distance will get up. We will see.
    • How many softball questions get lobbed at each candidate? How many times will Trump say "Believe me!" and "It's like incredible" the word "tremendous" and "Crooked Hillary" How many times Hillary will dance around the e-mail scandal? Will Hillary blow up? Will Hillary challenge Trump to do arithmetic? Or will that be out of bounds? It will be interesting to hear how lowering taxes on the rich and lowering corporate taxes will balance the budget - I've heard that whopper before. Will Trump challenge Hillary on the 2nd amendment? Will Hillary challenge Trump on his pandering to the religious right with the "freedom of speech and religion" proposal to allow discrimination against GLBT people.  Will either of them persuade me to not vote for Gary Johnson?
    • Haha, I've done that while walking.  The thing that made it embarrassing for me is I did it 2 or 3 times in the same round before I finally started catching myself.
    • I think there's a large old thread exactly like this already actually, just need to dig it up. Anyway, weirdest I've encountered was people rolling a cart.  I've also hit 2 geese myself (both with drives).
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