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Drill/Tip For Overactive Hips

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camforreal    0

I have recently been shown that I really really get carried away and fire the crap out of my hips way early and end up completely wide open at impact which has really been causing some consistency problems for me. Totally spinning out.

I have seen the 5sk video on keeping your back toes up and I have heard to flair your right toe even more to the rear. Those helped me some but I have still been having a little difficulty getting it right. (I have been obsessively taking practice swings every chance I get for the last 24 hours.) It's hard to stop yourself from doing something you have been wrongly ingraining into your swing for 15 years and tonight I found another little thing that I really like.

When you address the ball turn your lead toe inwards some.

It feels like it makes getting your weight to the front a little more difficult so if you struggle with that I guess it could possibly be harmful, but for me it really takes my hips out of it a lot and makes me really have to swing more with my arms which I personally find very hard to do. It also helps me with the sensation of rolling my ankles to the left side some and keeping my right heel down longer.

Hopefully someone else has this old baseball swing type of problem and this could possibly help you out.


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Hi! did you improved on this? did find out any other good tip to limit overactive hips?

Do you still think that flaring your right toe can help? I thought it would enlarge hip rotation (so more difficult not to turn). 

I am trying to wait for my arms passing through the chest before rotating my right hip forward, trying not to use the lower body and trying to take my right heel on the ground (probably correlated aspects) before impact.

best regards

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freshmanUTA    40

Put an alignment swing between your belt loops and take swings at 50-60% speed and make sure you don't hit the alignment stick, let your arms go first then your hip follow.. Kinda like this: 

He places emphasis on the arms passing in front of the alignment stick and still coming from the inside.

I know this thread is years old but some people syill struggle with this and this is what helped me.

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