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Tall golfers using "standard" clubs.

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I'm tall, and according to charts I should be using clubs about 1" longer than "standard."  But I have been doing research and am wondering if it really matters.  First I want to go over what "standard" actually is.  Golf clubs have been increasing in length over the years because longer clubs give greater distance and sell better, but you also lose accuracy.  Different clubs also have different "standard" lengths.  For example, a lot of burner Irons are longer than what is typically standard.

From what I can gather, the biggest risk with using clubs that aren't properly fitted is that the lie will be off.  But I used my friends slightly shorter burner irons and the lie was fine.  So now the only issue is that I will be standing slightly closer to the ball than with my fitted clubs.  The difference is basically just like just using a PW instead of a 9 iron (minus the loft).  But I don't really see this as an issue?  It just means that I will probably have slightly less distance and slightly greater accuracy.  Right?

Anyone who was tall get custom fitted and notice a real difference?  I would like to get fitted again, but I can't for the discounted older versions of name brand clubs.

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