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Anybody else using a Paragon wedge?

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bgary34    0

I was shopping around for a new wedge at my local pro last week, and came upon a Paragon 60*.05* wedge. After a recommendation from two of the pros, I demoed it along with a 60*.08* Adams Tom Watson Anniversary Edition 682, a 60*.04* Vokey SM4, and a 58*.08* Cleveland 588 RTX. To my surprise, I hit this $29.99 Paragon wedge noticeably better than the others (with the Vokey giving the second best results). I was wondering if anybody else was playing one of these wedges, because after 3 rounds I could not possibly be happier with this club. Is it just me, or does anybody else have a new favorite wedge from I company I had never heard of before last week?

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bgary34    0

A little over a week ago neither had I, and it is hard to find any info about them online. I was hoping someone on here had discovered them as well. Not looking that way at the moment...

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    • I'm in a hotel in HK at 1:08am doing practice swings with the chair drill and a metronome just to get my tempo dialed in a bit. I should probably get some sleep for my early flight and factory visit right after lunch, but I can't fall asleep. . .
    • I don't think I've ever in my life been distracted by where someone was standing on the putting green.  I don't even have any distinct memories of knowing where anyone was standing while I was putting. I would probably object to someone waving their hand between my face and ball or peeing on my foot or something.
    • Welcome to TST! Good to hear you have the chance to increase your golf play. As for your clubs... Cobra F6 irons ended up in the Game Improvement category; given how far you hit the ball you should be OK with them. F6 reviews noted the irons have slightly different head designs up and down the line, to meet the demands of long irons vs. short irons. Cobra drivers and long clubs have a good reputation. I especially liked their FlyZ driver from a couple of years back, one of my top three favorites at the time. I play a FlyZ 4 hybrid, it's usually my go-to club for longer approaches and tight tee shots on evil short par 4s. Be aware that the Cobra long clubs have slightly heavier shafts than average; so if you're on the line between one flex and another, probably go with the gentler flex. But, test this out on the launch monitor and find out for sure. Note: Pick up a sand wedge if possible; doesn't have to be new, just decent grooves. As for winter lessons: if you can find an indoor lesson place with a good pro, you can get a jump on next year. Although hitting off of mats is not ideal, it's better than nothing. You can sense if the shot was a little fat on contact. If a golf shop is deserted on a winter's day, sometimes you can rent a half hour on the launch monitor and hit some balls. The shop can give you an idea of when hitting stall dead time will be. Where in Pennsylvania do you live? The head TST guy Erik operates out of Erie.
    • I'm not easily distracted and don't really care what people are doing while I am putting, but if I did I would prefer they be 30' back.  I don't understand people who get distracted by where people are standing, but I respect it and do my best not to let my lack of concern for these things effect them.   I was once standing around 20' or so behind someone who was lining up to a putt.  He took a few practice strokes and then stopped and angrily waved me to move.  (I didn't know him at all).  I don't see how I could have been in his line of site, but I said a simple "I'm sorry" and stayed far away from him any time it was his turn going forward.
    • Virtually nothing distracts me on the course. That gets me in trouble occasion, however. I forget that other people can, and do, get distracted, and I find myself doing somehting I shouldn't be doing while they're hitting (generally on the tee).  That being said, I could not care any less where they stand, as long as it isn't between me and the hole. ;) 
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