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Suggestion box: golf league playoff format

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So I have a golf league. It's 4 teams of 4. We play every Sunday.

Every week two players from Team A play two players from Team B while the other two players from Teams A and B play their own respective opponents. In 7 weeks of golf, both pairs from Team A, B, C, and D will have played every other pair in the league.

By the end of the 7 week regular season, we will know which team has the most match play wins and they will be the winning team (barring a tie).

Then we want to have 3 more weeks of "playoff" golf.

Any ideas/suggestions on a fun playoff format?


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3 Week Playoff:

Seed the 2 man teams according to their season records and have an 8 team bracket for winners and losers.

Week 1

Seed #1 plays #8

Seed #2 plays #7

Seed #3 plays #6

Seed #4 plays #5

Week 2

Winners bracket semi-finals: Winner of #1 vs #8 plays winner of #4 vs #5 (winner =A, loser =B)

Winner of #2 vs #7 plays winner of #3 vs #6 (winner =C, loser =D)

Losers bracket semifinals   :  Loser of #1 vs #8 plays loser of #4 vs #5 (winner =E, loser =F)

Loser of #2 vs #7 plays loser of #3 vs #6 (winner =G, loser =H)

Week #3

Championship bracket: A vs C

3rd & 4th place:             B vs D

5th & 6th place:             E vs G
7th & 8th place:             F vs H


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