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Golf tips from Thailand

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Thailand has some world class golfers, many golf courses and resorts, and plenty of players. However, in the Thai Kingdom the standard of English is not so good.  I read this post on a Thai golf forum and had a good laugh.  I have made no changes to the original text. The author is known as 'Item2'.

Mechanical stand

Standing in the way known as the golf stance . Stance used depend on a stick . Starting with a narrow foot distance and somewhat open to stick the wedge , widening the distance and not straight to the target .

Change happens because the position of the foot right foot stick shift continued according to length used .

Initially , place the heel of your left leg straight with the ball . The left foot is stationary , while the set is a comfortable distance right foot . Typically , the distance between the two legs does not exceed the width of the shoulder .

For the driver , the stick that is used to blow the drive , his stance is the perpendicular distance to the target and a leg span of approximately shoulder width apart .

Correct stance allows you to wear the entire body to provide balance on each stick that you wear .

In addition to the two legs , the technique emphasizes stance on the head . The position of your head should not move backward or forward , as well as up or down . When moving in that direction , control your punches will disappear . Head described as the center of rotation of the punch that you will do .

Know grip

Whatever your goal to play golf , how good you play , the result of the game is always up and down , depending on your mastery of the basic - dsar golf game .

According to Jack Nicklaus , an American golfer , accuracy can not be replaced with anything , because he always stressed the importance of mastering the basics .

Accuracy begins on the hands , or rather the grip ( the hand holding the bat the way ) . It is not a matter which way you choose , clear grip is key to a good swing to score .

The following kinds of grip by Jack Nicklaus in his book Towards a Better Golf Game .


This force is also another key . Its use is associated with the left hand index finger right hand pinkie . Usually used by people who bertelapak small hands .


This force is also overlap . Right hand little finger put on the left hand between the index and middle fingers . The difference with interlocking style is , there is no interlocking fingers , just override it.


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Ha, Ha, I think this fella writes the subtitles for the Korean film industry.


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