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Golf tips from Thailand

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joekelly    55

Thailand has some world class golfers, many golf courses and resorts, and plenty of players. However, in the Thai Kingdom the standard of English is not so good.  I read this post on a Thai golf forum and had a good laugh.  I have made no changes to the original text. The author is known as 'Item2'.

Mechanical stand

Standing in the way known as the golf stance . Stance used depend on a stick . Starting with a narrow foot distance and somewhat open to stick the wedge , widening the distance and not straight to the target .

Change happens because the position of the foot right foot stick shift continued according to length used .

Initially , place the heel of your left leg straight with the ball . The left foot is stationary , while the set is a comfortable distance right foot . Typically , the distance between the two legs does not exceed the width of the shoulder .

For the driver , the stick that is used to blow the drive , his stance is the perpendicular distance to the target and a leg span of approximately shoulder width apart .

Correct stance allows you to wear the entire body to provide balance on each stick that you wear .

In addition to the two legs , the technique emphasizes stance on the head . The position of your head should not move backward or forward , as well as up or down . When moving in that direction , control your punches will disappear . Head described as the center of rotation of the punch that you will do .

Know grip

Whatever your goal to play golf , how good you play , the result of the game is always up and down , depending on your mastery of the basic - dsar golf game .

According to Jack Nicklaus , an American golfer , accuracy can not be replaced with anything , because he always stressed the importance of mastering the basics .

Accuracy begins on the hands , or rather the grip ( the hand holding the bat the way ) . It is not a matter which way you choose , clear grip is key to a good swing to score .

The following kinds of grip by Jack Nicklaus in his book Towards a Better Golf Game .


This force is also another key . Its use is associated with the left hand index finger right hand pinkie . Usually used by people who bertelapak small hands .


This force is also overlap . Right hand little finger put on the left hand between the index and middle fingers . The difference with interlocking style is , there is no interlocking fingers , just override it.

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Ha, Ha, I think this fella writes the subtitles for the Korean film industry.

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    • I've often had the problem of not hitting the driver as well as irons.  Over the last few rounds I came up with something that works pretty well for now:  Activate the wrists a little more with the driver.  With irons I've been swinging with a kind of "dead hands" feel in an attempt to cast/flip less and get a nice inline impact.  It just doesn't work the same for me with the driver. Now I'm trying to get a little more of a "swinging" feel with the driver.  Not afraid to let the club swing the wrists back into a hinged position, then not afraid the feel them swing unhinged in the downswing.  Sort of conciously unhinging them.  Not too much though.  Still have to swing the arms and body.  I'm just sort of letting the club head go more instead of my normal bunt/block kind of shot. I hope some of that made sense and was helpful.
    • Okay, I feel a little better now. Thanks for the info guys. Saved me a little worry
    • I just didnt get it. I have a. Odyssey metal x milled 1 that I love and works great for me and I have an odyssey white hot rossie, that I also love the feel, balance, weight, and the way it plays. I got them both for about 200, 200 for both clubs, their used, except that the metal x is in mint condition, but 200 for two good clubs I get, 350 for a putter....it better guarantee that u jar it from 90 ft before I pay that much. But thats my opinion. I just didnt know if they're was something amazing or mystical about these that I was unaware of for that price
    • Maybe thick grip on putter trend seeping into full swing clubs? Heck if I know. Do thick grips make it harder to install via air compressor?
    • did not know where exactly where to place this thread, but........ Okay, I have been struggling with iron play so have been working diligently on it at the expense of losing faith in Driver, fairway woods, and lower lofted hybrids. I have gotten much better at the irons, hitting all of them crisp and even being able to stop on a green. Today it was almost like throwing darts in that most of the iron approaches stopped dead in their tracks, however the greens were recently heavily "sanded" and therefor hardly any roll out at all. Just "thud craters". Not complaining mind you, as its always nice to lay one right up pin high within three feet or so (but sometimes shorter than expected).  That being said, now I just can not seem to hit driver e.t.c.  (nothing new here, and a lot of discussion in the past).  It would be nice to have a practice routine that would benefit me in both ways or as the subject line says, achieve balance.  Just a mild moment of "introspection" and muse.......
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