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Brian W

New Truelinkswear Shoes

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I pulled the trigger on these the other day and wanted to express how fantastic these shoes really are.  I have had a set of footjoy and puma and these are easily the best golf shoes out there.  I tried a couple of sets at the local golf store but these seemed to be the best fitting and most comfortable.  These are the Sensei model and if anyone is interested and doesn't have the ability to try them on, the run between a half and full size small.  I am normally a size 12 but ended up with 11's and just enough room to spare without being tight like all the other shoes I have used and tried in the past.  Thanks for all the advise out there on these, they have found another life long fan

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we can move this to apparel section


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    • I have struggled with fat shots for years, and have gone through hundreds of different combinations of grips, stance and backswing, largely to no avail--until recently, and, now, 90% of my strikes with long and short irons are flush. Here's what I do:  1.   Two-knuckle left hand, firm. (Moderately strong grip.)
        2.  Right hand:   two middle fingers very light touch on shaft.  Thumb and index finger virtually off the shaft. Pinky hovering over left hand.
      4.  Feet slightly less than shoulder width apart.
      5.  Toe line open 10 degrees.  Right foot 10 degrees open (line perpendicular to right foot therefore is 20 degrees open to target.  Left foot is 20 degrees open (30 degrees left of target line).
      6.  Wrists have zero tension:  angle between shaft and forearms is almost 180 degrees, i.e., wrists are "drooped," not cocked up slightly to lift clubface.
       7.  Weight is 80 % left.  (That's not a typo.). Head is angled right.
      8.  Take-away is 100% by left arm push.  Two fingers of right hand serve only as support going back.
      9.  Take-away direction is along the 9:30-3:30 direction (outside-in).
      10.  There is no wrist cocking, only a dorsal hingeing; the hingeing is not made to happen; it occurs naturally.
      11.  I try to stay on the left foot as long as possible on the backswing.
      12.  Left arm goes back about 135 degrees, with the butt end of the shaft pointing toward the ball.  (The shaft makes an "L" relative to the left forearm.)
      13.  Swing down along the 3:30-9:30 direction.
      14.  The right hand should come off the shaft at the end of the swing, evidencing the extremely loose, two-finger right hand grip.
        Hope this helps other high cappers.
    • I tried to play Goat Hill with some friends when I was waaaay beginning.  Turns out it's not a good course for people who don't know how to play    I haven't been back -- is it actually good?  The costume tourney sounds like a lot of fun.
    • It's still up;  the time (of day) and place are fluid, but I think it'll be Sept 24. I appreciate the offer of prizes, Fredo, but you don't have to.  
    • Knox thought he should be the first captains pick, he can't be happy.  
    • Ask yourself this: is your goal to be a golf club designer, or to find a driver that works for you? So, if you want good distance and fairways, get on the launch monitor and see if you can get your driver zeroed in. If not, swap out before 60-day guarantee expires. A driver is not a great offer if it doesn't work for you. I didn't mean to be harsh, but understanding shaftology will take lots of study. To get started on shaftology, see this recent thread: Shaft Flex  Get your driver straightened out, and pick up details on how clubs work along the way. A good fitter can help explain the specifics of your case.
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