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Has anyone used them? I can't find squat on them. They apparently refurbish clubs and have some hard to believe deals.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

I've never heard of them either, and after reading your post I tried to dig around and found nothing. In my opinion, looking at their site and their prices something just doesn't feel right. When you're selling refurbished vokey's for less than $ just doesn't seem right. I prefer to follow the saying that if it looks to good to be probably is.

Even though I couldn't find anything negative about them, I also couldn't find anything positive. If they were a successful site like 3balls or 2ndswing, you'd probably have a lot more people talking about it. Just my 2 cents! Best of luck!


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    • Thanks, makes perfect sense to me as it has been what I have worked on the past couple of months, and up until yesterday it wasn't something I had to really think about during the swing.  I'll hit the range sometime this week, hopefully it was just a bad day. And yes, been planning to get a My Swing Thread going, but was hoping to get back to where I felt my swing was late last year first. But that may not happen, so guess I'll try to get some swings recorded soon.
    • more offset if for the ones who can't close the face. for me i want less offset so i don't have to worry my ball hooking when i close the face. a lot of AM golfers aren't worry about trying to spin the ball with a GI irons, they are more into trying to smoke the ball as far as they can. and the most forgiveness they can get. but their are some guys who can spin the ball with a GI because they are using a softer ball which helps a lot and knows how to spin the ball. i think it's easier to hit a ball with a small face then a big face
    • I don't really feel that. I'm not working on anything that has to do with the elbow "dropping" at all. If anything I feel it driving outward (toward the ball) more as it comes down naturally. You should start a Member Swing thread of your own. Your elbow probably gets stuck around behind you too much. I'm exaggerating some things to help with my piece right now. It exits lower when I swing normally (even on a draw).
    • @iacas  two quick questions for you. On your transition into the downswing, what is your feel for when the club/hands/right arm/elbow drops?  I ask this because I had a horrific round yesterday, once I got to the top of my swing I was totally clueless, even went back to the range a few hours later, had no issues with wedges, but everything else stayed horrific.  I understand the lower body initiates the downswing, but for me it is more of a parallel move with my lower slide/rotation and my right elbow dropping.  I tried what I would call my normal swing and it just wasn't working, then I tried to only shift my lower body first, then tried the feeling of pulling my hands down and then out.  Regardless of what I tried it just didn't work, just lost all feelings when I got to the top.  Not looking for a magic pill here, just curious if you have a certain feel at this point in your swing. On your follow through, I notice your left arm stays high (inline with your shoulder line).  Mine is much lower when I finish my follow through, sometimes probably under my shoulder line. Is this just a difference in swings or is there a common fault that you see that may cause a lower follow through? Thanks! 
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