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Volume Three Hundred Ninety-Eight

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by George Promenschenkel: link

Sergio falters, again. Rory wins, again. Tiger's back goes out, again. And it's PGA Championship week.


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    • Did Donald Ross every visit the location for Brookside Country Club in Canton, Ohio when it was being designed and/or built? To tell you whether or not Ross visited the Brookside property I'd have to do some digging. One of the best places to dig is here:
      Make sure you put your inquiry in quotes.
      Most states have historical societies - many cities/towns do as well. They are great places to look.
      Here's a bit of info from the website:
         "Brookside Country Club ... originally took form as "Lakeside Country Club" in the last decade of the nineteenth century and in 1903, the members of "Lakeside Country Club" bought a casino and began reconstructing a 9-hole golf course located at Myers Lake in Canton, Ohio. In 1917, a move to acquire more land for an additional nine holes began and the search ended in 1920 at the present location. A year later, the famous golf course architect, Donald Ross, designed and built 18 holes of golf." And here is an interesting bit from a book called:  1921 Canton The City of Diversified Industries:  
    • So I have completed my VLOG (actually had 9 holes done) and questions, however, they are too big too upload to TST, so I chopped everything down to get it to upload to Youtube but then my youtube video is too large for TST.  So it's not looking like I will get my application in today, but hopefully I'll figure it out sometime.    
    • I am looking for a new set of irons, currently play Mizuno JPX 825 Pros 5-PW. I play off 7.5, with the aim of getting down to 5 by the summer. I find my current irons are a bit weak in terms of loft compared to some iron sets on sale at the moment, I carry a 7 iron about 140 yards. Whilst I don't want a set with extremely strong lofts, I would like to gain a few yards with each iron. Also as I am at university I don't get to play as much as I used to, so am looking for a bit more forgiveness to help me out on the course! Not too fussed with staying with Mizuno, if there are better options elsewhere. Cheers in advance to any replies.
    • Yeah i think you make a good point. it might be easy to dial it back if you have a solid full swing, but i don't think a half swing is the same as a chipping swing ya know. and i think you're absolutely right, there is a little bit of a turn in the half swing as well. that is what i alluded to earlier i think. it was just the amount to focus on a full turn vs. 3/4 turn/ vs. half turn.  That is so true as well. I could stand to limit some difficult second shots, and potential drops from a hazard. I actually didn't think about this that much. The other thought i have on this is the feedback from the distribution of practice, is that whether i am in position at the top of the full swing or not, my mind is able to get the club face back to the ball to at least compensate for being out of position and get the ball out in play, meaning that the practice itself( not the outcome of perfect practice) is not always as beneficial although it can have more benefits in its mastery! Where as the half swing, if you are not in position at the top of a half swing, it is very very difficult to compensate and get back to the ball, while not as much improvement, the improvement is easier to come by i would think. The swing really does have to be very precise to even be able to make solid contact. So that is the dilemma I see in placing more emphasis on one or the other. Ill revise my thinking and say that they are both more so equally important. for every full swing, there needs to be a 3/4 swing as well as a half swing so that you can still make sure to keep good position throughout the entire swing. But that we also match up the benefits of different types of practice with their ease of mastery and what that is dependent on. I think i will see where that philosophy leads. start to practice them equally as much and see how the improvement goes. It is always great to hear this feedback to help me revise my thoughts on the golf swing. appreciate it @DaveP043
    • Well it is not as simple as just throwing my leg up. It would be more of a result of increased momentum of my turn. I do try to catch the ball on my upswing  and hope to carry it through.
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