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SW Michigan Golf Courses

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Hey TST Members this is my first post and I wanted to get your advice on where to play with my dad on our yearly trip to Michigan.

We are going to play 2 or possibly 3 rounds but if we play 3 we are going to go back to one of the courses we played last year.

For reference we are will to drive anywhere under an hour from New Buffalo and are willing to pay up to 100.00 per person

Here are the options we are considering in no particular order:

Whittaker Woods (Played Last Year)

Warren GC at Notre Dame

Blackthorn GC (Played Last Year)

Angels Crossing GC

Yarrow Golf and Conference

HawksHead Links

Ravines by Arnold Palmer

Harbor Shores GC

The Medalist GC

Stonegate GC

Macatawa Legends Golf & CC

The Brassie

Hickory Stick GC

The Course at Aberdeen

White Hawk CC

The Golf Club at Thronapple Pointe

If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them as well. We are willing to stretch both limits by alittle if the course is really special


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Of the courses listed that I have played here are my rankings




the Medalist

Angels Crossing

Thornapple Pointe

But you are over an hour from New Buffalo at Yarrow, The Medalist, Thornapple Pointe, and Angels crossing

More information would be helpful. Are you basing your stay out of new buffalo? Are you looking for 2 courses on the same day? Separate days?

If looking for 2 courses same day an hour from New Buffalo, I would do Ravines and Hawkshead

Edit: Wanted to add I have heard nothing but good things about Harbor Shores, so that is probably worth a play.. I just recommended Hawkshead and Ravines because I have played both of them and they are close to each other. Also Harbor Shores will run at your limit of 100 per person


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Thanks for the quick response

We are staying about 15 minutes north of New Buffalo in Harbert and we want to play the courses on separate days during the week.

I know Harbor Shores is pushing the limit but I have seen some deals on GolfNow for about $75


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    • Isn't that the truth. I cringe at the man on the street interviews where they ask basic questions like, "Who won the civil war?" and people don't even know who was in it. 
    • So... since the last time I posted, I got out last Saturday and played the front nine at the club we joined with my son.  I didn't play very well, but I didn't play too poorly.  I posted a 47 that included 2 uncharacteristic penalties on that side of the course.  I found myself focusing too much on my son and not enough on my own game, so... it wasn't a horrible nine holes.

      We then went away for a quick vacation and I didn't touch my clubs for 6 days.  On Friday, my kids were off from school, so I took my son out again and my daughters tagged along to look for lost balls and do cartwheels in the grass.  Again, nothing great... but nothing horrible.  My 46 was entirely the result of feeling 'off' when standing over the ball.  I managed to scramble pretty well towards the end, but I hit only 1 of 9 greens and only 2 of 7 fairways.  My putting kept the score somewhat respectable.  

      Today, I met with a friend of mine at a club I've only played once.  It was the club I was planning on joining, but my wife talked me out of it because it's about 45 minutes from home.  In the end, she was right and I'm extremely happy with the club we joined.  Anyway... it was cool all day long, which I loved... but the winds were 15+ MPH all day long... which I didn't love.  On the range prior to teeing off, I was hitting the ball very well.  I was hammering my driver and my irons felt good.  When I got on the course, my driver swing went away.  I played the first 7 holes really well, and then had a horrible triple bogey on the 8th hole followed by a bogey on the 9th.  I turned a 41 into a 45 in a hurry.  The back was ugly all around.  I managed to break 50, but just barely with a 49.  My 45 - 49 = 94 was not all that bad considering the wind and the fact that I've NEVER played a course set up more ridiculously with tricked-up pin positions.  I figure with some more accessible hole locations and even moderately less wind, my score could have been 5-6 strokes lower.  Still... a 94 is a 94, so... I'll deal with it.  

      I'm hoping to play 2-3 more times this week, but it'll depend on work.  

      Hoping to put some good scores up!

    • Retired 12/31/15. Trying to get in as much golf as possible.  Purchased Lowest Score Wins.  Most helpful publication about golf I've ever read. Been to Golf Evolution in Erie and met Eric.  Profited from that session.  Hope to do more.
    • Thanks @nevets88 I narrowly escaped watching 2 two hours of stuff getting crushed...
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