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Bridgestone e5 vs e6

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I briefly tried both about five years ago so neither were current models. The E5 had adequate spin but flew too high and was shorter than normal. I also didn't like the feel. The E6 had almost non-existent spin coming into greens (by design however). Neither ball fit my game.

Yep, that was my call about 5-8 years ago.

From reviews I've read, the balls have changed. I would not recognize them today.

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From just a FEEL aspect id have to disagree. Theres just not a ball that FEELS better than the e6. Now in performance im not the biggest fan cus i cant keep the e6 on the greens or hit greenside floo shots close enough for my liking. But i think they they feel like hundred dollar bills when hit with a golf club. Now...if only they would spin

They do have an e6 that spins, its the B330-RX. More money but straight, putter soft, low driver side spin, and stops on a dime. You can always play for the e6 extra roll out too, but I like to go at the cup.

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The B330RX has low side spin too? I may give it a go. Although, honestly I played with e6 today and it stopped fine on full shots into the green. On greenside chips maybe a little extra rollout, but nothing I couldn't plan for. Then again, I'm not typically playing on super slick greens either. I play $35-$50 greens fee type courses, so they're well kept, not hairy, but not slick either. Maybe if I played slicker greens I'd notice more roll out.
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Note: This thread is 2200 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Hmmmm, that doesn't really track: SG:OTT 2021: 0.660 (4th) 2014: 1.367 (1st) SG:App 2021: 0.403 (35th) 2014: 0.602 (4th) SG:ATG 2021: 0.118 (71st) 2014: 0.022 (93rd) SG:P 2021: 0.187 (66th) 2014: 0.274 (41st) Scoring/SG:Total: 2021: 70.043 (16th)/1.368 (7th) 2014: 68.827 (1st)/2.266 (1st) He's 0.898 strokes worse per round than he was in 2014, and 0.707 of that comes from driving, with another 0.199 coming from his approach shots. What's 0.707 + 0.199? 0.906, which is > 0.898. He's actually gaining 0.305 shots around the green and putting now, when he gained 0.296 in 2014.    
    • Already addressed, but to point out again… all of the rules are pretty "arbitrary."
    • Extensions in graphite are a bit tricky because it's difficult to remove them without damaging the shaft. That being said, the simple way to do it is just cut off the extension at the end of the shaft. You will still have the 2 inch piece of extension base down in the shaft but it only weighs a few grams so you won't likely even notice it's there once it's been cut and gripped again.
    • Ahh, the voice of reason speaks up.  Good job.   Zippo, put some clothes on.
    • If you looked at the poll, you'd see that a significant majority of those here agree that armlock putting should continue to be allowed.  On the other hand, there's very little to be gained by insulting those who would choose otherwise, calling anyone "butt hurt" can't ever be productive.  And honestly, every rule of any kind draws some kind of arbitrary line, arbitraryness is inherent in rulemaking.  Overall, I think the Rules of Golf do a pretty logical job of drawing the lines.
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