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Belly follows club head

Note: This thread is 1228 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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I discovered this on the Range today my only thought was have my belly follow the clubhead at the same speed I can't believe how it improved my accuracy with all clubs I guess it is just about getting the club head square at impact any thoughts 

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I recently had a similar "realization" except, in my variation, it came alongside the thought of keeping my head still.  I was totally moving my head back in the first part of my take-away without even realizing it.

Now, on video, I can see that my head moves drastically less . .and it feels like my belly/midsection/torso/what-have-you, follows the clubhead. 

My take-away, at least the first part, now feels like a weird "belly stretch" - if that makes any sense, lol.  I feel my hips staying where they are and my head staying where it is . .and my belly turning to stay in-line with the clubface.  This feeling lasts until I start to lift my arms in the backswing.

Then, in the downswing and follow through - the club feels like it stays connected with my belly - even pushing ahead of it . .and definitely not getting behind my belly-button anymore. 

As long as I can keep my wrists loose at the same time - this is smash-city - the best I've ever hit it . .by a big margin.

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Sounds similar, I have never heard any one with this swing thought just hope it's not a one time fluke.It makes sense though if your belly button follows your club head all the way back and through with arms connected to body you can't get ahead or behind with your swing , if  that make sense , don't have to think of anything else it just happens naturally perfect rythem  and a nice draw I also visualize the swing path and try to keep club head on that path

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Note: This thread is 1228 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • If I am spending $495.. I am spending $550 or $600. I am not going to miss few hundred dollars when I look back a year or 5 later. Honestly I would spend $600 on Pebble before $400 on Pinehurst #2. She just don't hook my fancy for some reason like PB does. I agree with the thought process of those who see it from a once in a lifetime experience. It's not like investing in a lifestyle expense. People spend far more on on recurring dumber things in life over time. 
    • I understand what you're saying, and in my eyes, you've stayed on the appropriate side of the line between golf talk and political talk.  I also live near a Trump facility, the private club in Virginia, in the Washington DC suburbs.  I play against the Trump club on a fairly regular basis in our local interclub league.  As some of the guys here have experienced, my own home club is pretty rural, pretty informal, the complete opposite of the image you've portrayed of the high-end experience.  Yet they guys I've played with and against from Trump National DC, whether playing at my club or at theirs, have generally just been golfers like all the rest of us.  Yeah, they have more disposable money than I do, but they're regular guys.
    • It’s just old school simpletons going by ‘win/lose’ record and nothing else. It’s the same mentality of those who snickered that UCF was the National Champions a couple of years ago...the same way those poor geeks at Texas A&M embarrass themselves and call The University of Texas ‘TU’. Utah in the top four would be a SNL skit.
    • Well, interesting question, because it's close to home.  Next fall I may be spending a couple of months in the general vicinity of Freehold, NJ, with some time for golf, so I've wasted a little time on the internet seeing what's in the general vicinity,  in a nutshell, a well regarded muni, a semi-private club and two private courses (Trump National and something called Due Process Stables) are all around the corner.  From what I can tell, getting onto Trump National is probably doable, and Due Process Stables, probably not).  Neither of them look like they're worth the trouble (and I don't know or care what the greens fees are).  If I want a spur of the moment 'soul of golf' experience, I'll drive an hour south to Atlantic City Country Club.  And I will do that.  If I want a 'soul of golf' experience that requires some planning ahead and connections, there are far more interesting alternatives to chase down in the New York Metro area.  I probably won't bother. More generally, and without getting all political (I hope) . . . the world of golf has some wonderful people who in the current era have developed and underwritten some magnificent tracks (Mike Keiser, the guys behind Ballyneal or the Sand Hills Club, etc., etc.)  The world of golf also has a slew of parasitic operators who use golf courses as keynotes to high end resort/retirement communities or part of the amenities in a high-end luxury experience for a certain type of customer that I have no desire to associate with.  In my opinion, Mr Trump, in his private capacity and not as POTUS or the C-in-C,  and the operations of the Trump Organization, very much fall into the latter category.   His customers, well, to use a phrase my daughter taught me, they aren't my homies.  I'd rather hang out with the members of the men's golf association at the nearest muny, or intellectuals, or bird hunters, or retired military, anybody who doesn't use his bank balance in a hand measuring contest. So, for me, I guess the answer is no, both philosophically and where the rubber meets the road.  
    • My son offered to pay for me to fly out there and play it for Christmas.   I turned him down.   I don't have a bucket list of courses that I have to play.   I enjoy great company, decent golf courses and enjoying each day as it comes.    I don't disparage anyone that has that great course or any other great course on their bucket list.    Destination golf isn't on my bucket list.  Having said all of that...if my regular group of friends were headed out that way, hell ya, I'm in.
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