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TST Member Review - Lid Liners

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Product Name: Lid Liners
Product Type: Apparel Accessory
Product Website/URL: http://lidliners.com
Cost: 16 liners - $8.99 from website plus 2.62 shipping/handling

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 5
Value: 4
Effectiveness: 5
Durability: 5
Esthetic Appeal: 4
Comfort: 5

My Member Review

All golfers have probably seen and experienced that nasty sweat ring on hats in the heat of the summer. They are unappealing and quite frankly, a sweaty hat don’t smell good. You need to wash your hat frequently to get rid of the stain and stench. Lid Liners are disposable sweat absorbing liners for your hat that absorb the sweat and oil that would otherwise funk up your nice golf hat. They claim that it will fit on any type of head-wear item including helmets. They also claim that it will reduce redness on your forehead.

The directions are pretty much self-explanatory, but from their website:

• Remove peel strip from back of the liner.
• Place adhesive side against the front of the headband of your hat.
• Press firmly into place with the larger part of liner at the bottom of headband (Logo should be facing you when inserted correctly).
• Enjoy the comfort while you forget about redness, an irritated forehead, and sweat staining and ruining your hat.
• Average use of liner varies depending on activity being done. may not stick as well to sweaty or soiled head band.
• Best if used when you put your hat on for the first time that day.

There isn’t much to installing one. Even my first attempt only took a few seconds (see pic below of installed liner). They are very lightweight and the re-sealable package can easily be stored in your golf bag. My initial concerns with the product were comfort level and how well it would stick to the hat. I wouldn’t want this to fall out when I tip my hat to my adoring fans. It’s effectiveness at keeping my hat dry was also very high on the list.


After installing the liner, I put on the hat and was pleased with the comfort level. It actually made the hat more comfortable to wear. I removed it several times to see if it would fall out, and it didn’t despite the fact that my hat had not been washed from previous use. I headed to the golf course to see how well it would absorb sweat. The temperature was 91F with a dew point of 74F. Winds were light at around 10 mph. According to my weather app, it felt like 101F. It was very hot and humid summer day in Florida ideal for testing this product.

The Lid Liner definitely stood up to the task. After 5 holes in the blazing heat, my hat was dry even though my other clothing was getting soaked with sweat. There was a quick rain shower on hole 6 followed by a downpour on #7 which I waited out with some other golfers in the shelter area. After the rain ended, I finished the round with wet shorts and shirt, but my head was dry. I left the liner in my hat after the round to see how well it would stick, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was still in place the next morning.

Here is a pic of my hat after another round played in hot and humid conditions. I forgot to take one after my first round, but wanted to include a picture showing the hat dry. The dark area on the left is a shadow, not wetness. You can see the faint outline of previous sweat stains that didn’t come clean from previous use. It’s too bad I didn’t have these before.


I have looked at hat liners before, but ended up not purchasing with a price tag of over $1 per liner. With shipping and handling, the price of Lid Liners is less than $.75 per liner. To me, it is worth the cost to avoid washing my hat after each use in the summer. I actually found a golf course not too far from me that carries them. I might have to go there to get some. Since I’m there, I might as well play a round, right?

The added comfort factor was icing on the cake. I think it depends on the conditions as to how many uses you can get out of a liner. In the harsh conditions I played in, a single use was about all I cared to try, but I imagine in the cooler winter conditions, one liner could last several rounds. I put one in my motorcycle helmet and have used it five times so far, and it has yet to fall out.

To summarize, I find Lid Liners to provide a good value and are effective at what they were designed to do. They are very durable given that they are disposable liners. As far as aesthetics, they are not visible when wearing the hat, but they are visible when you take your hat off to shake your competitors hand after a round. They might give you a funny look, but they have probably been wondering how your hat stayed dry and stain free all day. If you wear hats, I highly recommend that you try these out.

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Note: This thread is 916 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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