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Recap Your 2018 Goals

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My target was to get down from 18 to 15. Did this very quickly, and in fact got down to 15, only to go back up to 16. Although I reached my target, I have now hit a wall. I can only think there is something wrong with all my balls

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My 2018 goals for golf were as follows:

  • Keep my back healthy by continuing to perform strengthening exercises
    • I was OK until I started planning to move in August and wrenched my back - lost 4 weeks 
  • Improve the accuracy of my short irons and wedges by eliminating my many fat shots and practicing on grass ranges without a mat
    • Somewhat better but fat is still my miss
  • Practice more than once per week by stopping at the range on the way home from work for 20-30 minutes
    • Did not happen
  • Play at least 25 18 hole rounds and have the ability to post at least 15 of them which may require traveling farther than my home course to play with friends and relatives - this will be the most challenging goal since my window for golf is limited
    • i played about 20 rounds with 10 rounds with other people that I could post for my handicap. 
  • Lower my 17.5 handicap by one full point
    • Got down to 16.3
  • Semi or fully retire Fall of 2018 so I can have grander expectations for 2019 
    • I semi retired in April of 2018
  • Play more than four times with my grandson - his schedule is worse than mine with baseball, soccer, and school activities
    • Did achieve this but will be difficult in 2019 since I have moved

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