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Callaway Diablo Tour balls

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I typically play Titleist Tour Softs or Chrome Softs, but last month my daughter gave me two boxes of the Callaway Diablo Tour balls.   I put a sleeve into play last week and was pleasantly surprised how well they played.   Better yet, when I swung into Golf Galaxy to grab a couple new gloves they had them 3 boxes for $40.  Add in my $10 coupon and that is 36 balls for 30 bucks. 

Anyone else use these?  I know they're an older model, but I think I'm gonna stay switched to them until they're discontinued.  The price and performance combo is pretty solid.

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I was gifted 3 dozen of them last Christmas so I used them for about half of my rounds this past summer, and used Chromesofts for the other half. 

I didnt notice any difference off the tee or distance with iron shots.

Maybe it was in my head, and I don't strike it consistent enough for this next statement to be all that accurate, but it seemed like to me the Chromesoft stopped a little bit quicker on the greens than the Diablo Tour did and didnt have as much roll out especially with wedge shots. (talking like 1-3 feet difference on average) But like I said, it's entirely possible that is 100% in my head, and not really that big of a deal since there are so many other factors that affect spin and roll out.

I'd also say the Chromesoft feels a touch softer around the greens and when putting compared to the Diablo Tour, and I only know that because I've played them side by side before. (Not that soft feel really means anything) If you just played the Diablo Tour as your main ball, its not something you would notice as the Diablo Tour is solid and feels much better than some of the hard as a rock distance type balls.

I still have a dozen of the Diablo Tour balls left, which I will use as kind of my backup balls next year when the course is soaked, has really soft, receptive greens, or when my swing is off and the chances of me losing a ball increase.

I think the Diablo Tours are a perfect alternative to someone who doesnt want to pay the Chromesoft prices, but wants something that will perform similarly.

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