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Chasing Scratch (the Podcast)


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1 hour ago, Big C said:

Their recent podcast recapped a 2 day NC Amateur event that Mike participated in this February. Playing off a 6 handicap, he shot a 97 and a 102.

Kudos to him for facing up to it with a positive attitude. If I had posted similar scores in year 7 of my quest, I would probably just shut the entire project down.

I haven't listened to this episode yet, but man… there's almost no way a single digit guy who has made this his full-time job (the podcast, not golf) should be failing to break 100. Scores across the board weren't great, but 102 is another level of stink.

I'm sure he's the first to admit it, but… man. I'm losing interest in the podcast. It's become commercialized, the inside jokes are getting old… and they're completely failing to achieve anything remotely close to scratch.

The odds of shooting that bad are really, really, really small. I've heard it's not due to injury or anything, either. (The wrist is fine.)

1 hour ago, 4zim said:

I’m glad Mike didn’t quit and good on him for posting.

For posting the score? The tournament may have done it for him.

1 hour ago, 4zim said:

In the past he’s talked about losing shots with his short game and it seems that’s the area he needs the most practice.

I still think he’s playing golf swing and not golf. Great on the range but it doesn’t translate. Maybe he needs to read LSW?

They've had a copy for years. They prefer the rip-off version that only came out a few years ago. 😉 

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