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  1. Careful. I think the Chicago Cubs might have that phrase registered as a trademark.
  2. Wait—you didn’t buy for us, too? @Sandtrapp220—Congrats! I’ve seen a hole in one made on three occasions, and it’s awesome to watch each time.
  3. I downloaded the app to my iPad. Didn’t see anything to sign in or sign up for. Watched featured groups for a little while this afternoon. If there’s a premium or paid version, I’m not seeing it.
  4. I agree with you. 300 yards would save me 75 yards x 14 holes.
  5. Or underestimating the putting skill of a typical golfer. How many 3-putts do people get (i.e., how many strokes do they think they would they save)? Thinking about it for a minute, I recalled that Arccos has that in their database. Not sure how accurate it is, but they report 3+ putts: 22% for a 20 hcp 18% for 15 hcp 15% for 10 hcp 11% for 5 hcp 7% for scratch 3% tour
  6. Have younger folks changed the meaning of “clever,” perhaps? Maybe they use it to mean something more routine, usual, expected. I’m only half kidding. I find out words are used differently by people half my age.
  7. Yep. Right along with the caption “Morikawa didn't have to use the Rules on Sunday, but it definitely worked out for him.” ”Using the rules” is a bad thing now, from the way first paragraph is written.
  8. I’m with you. They’ve got the data. Just a matter of displaying it.
  9. So the secret to good putting is to hole more putts.
  10. Higher CoG. That's as far as I can go at the moment. Seems like standing upright it would be easier to tip over unless the wheel base is even wider. (Let the others with engineering experience go on with details.)
  11. I finally got the Watch app to work pretty reliably for shot detection, and find that I like it better than using the iPhone for detection. Turning the watch around so the crown is pointed to the elbow (instead of to the wrist) can help, I’ve read. I had gotten used to the iPhone in my front pocket; but I still prefer it in back pocket, so the Watch works better for me.
  12. Pretend you played Brackenridge yesterday, white tees, and only got 14 holes finished. Here are the calculations: You’re a 28.3 handicap index. You need to know your course handicap. My golf club has a chart posted on the wall. If Brackenridge doesn’t, use this calculator: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/course-handicap-calculator.html The course rating and slope for the white tees for men should be somewhere on the scorecard. If not, look them up here: National Course Rating Database Filling in the numbers: Your course handicap is 28. You get one stroke for every hole, then a second stroke for holes ranked as 1 through 10: Of these, we only care about 15 through 18 (the holes not played). Hole15 is hdcp 18, so you get 1 stroke. It’s a par 3. You record a 4 (3+1). Hole 16 is hdcp 6, so you get 2 strokes. It’s a par 4. You record a 6 (4+2). Hole 17 is hdcp 8, so you get 2 strokes. Par 4, so you record a 6. Hole 18 is hdcp 16, so you get 1 stroke. Par 3, so you record a 4. Somebody can check my math, to make sure I didn’t make a silly error.
  13. If I understand correctly, we now need 14 holes to report for 18 holes. 13 and under, only the first 9 are counted:
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