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  1. Only 'normally distributed' data has a bell curve. Not all data follows a normal distribution. So no, every chunk of data is not normally distributed.
  2. I would guess that it is more of a 'cool down' and tempo session than a practice or fixit session.
  3. The bell curve does not apply to the extreme end of the data, and PGA touring pros are definitely at the extreme end of the data in driving distance.
  4. I'll take this Jeopardy style. Why are prominent people publicly displaying unimaginable stupidity?
  5. The charities supported by the events care about them.
  6. Does anyone know if data has been compiled comparing pace of play with and without spectators, on tour?
  7. It is where his head is at. He not only talked about it incessantly during the charity skins game the Wednesday of Jack's tournament, he has brought it up in more than one interview - all seemingly motivated by a desire to emulate and surpass Brysom Dechambeau. It just does not reflect a winning attitude.
  8. If only he could have gotten his ball speed up to 208 mph he would have won. I never watched Big Break, so Tony came on my screen when he turned his ankle 90 degrees at the ANGC par three tournament and then made a strong showing at the Masters. I liked him for that, and I liked listening to him talk, so I started rooting for him. But I am starting to seriously question his judgement. His game has some holes in it, but he seems to have become fixated by this ballspeed nonsense. I hope he pulls his head out and start focusing on things that would help him win.
  9. I wouldn't assume what happens in your area is how it is done everywhere. I'm sure your 'typically', and 'most' apply in your area, but they don't apply in my area or other areas I've lived in or visited.
  10. At some point you just have to bow to 2 undeniable truths of life: 1) Life is not fair, and (with a tip of the hat to Mick and the boys) 2) you can't always get what you want.
  11. I'm curious if the pace of play has been affected by not having spectators.
  12. Our local course is similar but the '2 riders only if from the same household' is a requirement, not just a recommendation. Either way it is a $20 per rider fee. They also have an interesting deal where a twosome can have one person riding in the cart, but 'caddying' for the other person, who walks. That is $20 for the rider and an additional $10 for the 'caddying'. I don't know if or how they monitor cheating. And personally I think it is extraordinarily easy to generalize. The course sets and structures the cart fees the way they think best, and golfers decide whether or not they are willing to pay the required amount. It is the American way, and it has worked well for a long time.
  13. True, but to be fair it is pretty easy to handle the assessment of penalty strokes well when you've already won, and by enough that no penalty assessment will change that.
  14. He should stop worrying about ball speed, imo, and work on his weaknesses, which are legion. Improving his driving accuracy, scrambling, sand play, and putts inside10 ft. would improve his scores more than boosting his ball speed, imo, given that he already has more than adequate length. I hope he figures this out.
  15. I'm pulling for him as well, but it will be tough if Rahm shoots a decent round.
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