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  1. What a boring course...really.
  2. Three Putt

    Jerry Rice

    Jerry's love of the game and to compete is 100%...his swing is awful..he tries to lift the ball at impact. He's a 8 hcap. Much luck to him, his work ethic will improve his game, he needs a good coach to straighten out his swing flaws...and putting.
  3. He had a chance to win the Masters this year, with a horrible 10 hcap driver/ 3 wood swing. The game is won from 120 yards and in at the pros...still no problem for Tiger, he just needs to get to that distance without taking a penalty stroke or pitch out to the fairway.
  4. I am actually sort of a Tiger fan...I am always impressed by the way he wins. I'm just saying he looked like a body builder a short few years back. On 620 WDAE in Tampa Dan Sciellio (sp?) made a good case of Tigers weak ligiments giving way after PED "treatment". Dan as a former UM football standout and a Pro Football player admitted to doing roids, and knew plenty of players who did them.....he stated that these types of injuries are consistent (due to his knowledge) of a guy stopping roids....ligiment damage is a sure sign. I think if Tiger would have remained a in shape "geek" he would have 18 majors by now. He got full of himself (as he admits) and went nuts. I am all about second chances and hoping for a better Tiger Woods, time will tell.
  5. Tiger will go solo for 2 years and fix it himself. He needs to stay over the ball and focus on impact. He will be in the top 10% in total driving...then his irons, short game, and putting will wreck shop. Haney totally f-uped his swing. Tiger will dig it out of the dirt like Hogan did. His swing 10 years ago was the best ever....undeniable power and accuracy.......CRISP! He will find it again. Tiger has walked the runway nude with his problems...his second chance has just started. The horse has been beat enough!
  6. I think he wins a major this year (British Open...or "The Open" to be correct)...these last 4 will take him some time though. Lots of good competition...not gonna be easy, I say 70-30 are his chances of surpassing Jack.
  7. MP57 and G15 come down to what you like better. I wouldn't ditch the Mizuno's. They are already paid for and are awesome sticks, buttery smooth..... My heart is set on the Ping I15 Driver though...damn I love that club, what a weapon.
  8. Chip and Pitch.....hit those good ....and full swing impact is a baby step away. All that matters is 2 inches behind the ball and 2 inches in front of the ball.....IMPACT! Enjoy your win!
  9. They seemed "buddy - buddy" in both their closing statements? What gives?
  10. No....Tiger friggin taking apart the field by 12 strokes at the Masters and 15 at the US Open made him who he is. PERIOD.
  11. Very impressive! How do you score in AJGA events? Keep it up!
  12. Yes he beats Jack. He's 34. He is not a football player...injury???....Child Please...... Only if he self destructs (????) he doesn't beat the record....Who knows with this guy?
  13. Hank is on a phone interview with TGC.....He sounds sort of drunk? Now that I think about it.....what a dick. Leave your "friend" when he needs friends. And send him a text message to "fire" him. What a chickenshit. At least call him or meet with him face to face.
  14. Maybe it's roids that are causing all these injuries?
  15. "I have also enjoyed the association that I have had with Tiger both on and off the golf course as I have had some "incredible experiences" ." Damn Hank! I bet you boys did have some fun!
  16. Well Said. I think Tiger has done just fine with his interviews. If the GC had any brains they would start televising some good college golf matches, build more interest.
  17. At the Players through 3 rounds.... Tiger is dead last in Driving Distance , and dead last in Total Driving . Fred Funk to Tiger ......"Tiger, your away." Yes....Fred Funk is outdriving Tiger....maybe loan him your skirt Fred!!! HA, HA, HA.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. It was in the fairway though.
  19. If Tiger Woods switched to Stack and Tilt........ He could finally be on that commercial and say......."I Switched" or "I'm Stacked"
  20. see above post.....Whoops. I am a dork also.....
  21. Bubba is sort of a dork dude.
  22. If he had a long iron, 3 wood, or driver swing today he would be in the lead by 2 strokes. I think he finally hit a fairway (by about a yard) on the 6th hole. He's so laid off at the top the clubhead points at the ground at the transition at the top. I see no good in the way he swings on full shots...it's laughable. Only good shots are his feel shots when he has to pull them out of his ass....he could have been 3 or 4 over real easy on the first 5 holes. Haney teaches that laid off crap at the top......later Hank..... WOW!!!
  23. Phil's better.....Tiger's lie gets exposed and he folds like a cheap lawn chair. Phil is dealing with his wife and mother fighting cancer and has the sack to show up and win. Tiger was great no doubt... But sleeping with the next door neighbor (allegedly)??? Guys got serious mental problems...wow. I hope he rights his ship for his kids sake.
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