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  1. I’m up for that! I’ve been a nightly range rat and only occasional player... hoping to get 2 rounds a week soon...
  2. That’s a pretty kick butty course 😂 I’ve been playing the usual places the few times I can get out to play, and thinking of you guys... I have been swamped bringing up a new signal processing chip for image processing, but feel like I can go out this up coming late fall/winter season. Any takers for this late Fall @tehuti, @Shindig, @Chasing_Bogeys?
  3. You mean my guess that out of the general population of golfers, probably 6’5” Navy Seals are an outlier? There aren’t that many even if thousands, then at 6’5” probably a lot less? Then divide by 50M golfers? Or that I’ve known a mid-70s golfers who might with ideal conditions might possibly average 250 off the tee? Either way, those folks are seriously outliers. On the driving range, I hear some older players utter “220 yards” after they hit a drive that barely carries the 160 yard flag. The uttering doesn’t happen that much, but I’m pretty sure many folks think they hit that far when the truth is 10%-20% less? I think this thread was all about someone new to the game wanting some kind of metric for his own game? I’d guess he didn’t achieve his goal? 😂
  4. How fast did he swing? This usually happens to people with swing speeds north of 140mph and 48” shafts? Or cold weather...
  5. Interesting... and hopefully encouraging, but not many Ex-Navy Seals around, I’d guess? I guess I do know some mid-70s golfers still averaging 250 too, but generally in the hot summer months with no wind and dry fairways?
  6. Yeah, wish it were that simple. Stem cells could probably reverse the process? But we have no precise idea how? Enough widespread use of Stem cells might lead to some form of super-cancer or something else equally unpleasant 😂😱😂
  7. I’ve run into them, but the usually don’t stay a 14 for long once they have a semblance of accuracy and are trying to score well near or on the greens. Usually, at the start of a season. Definitely and outlier being over 55, and you’re hat is going to be pretty safe especially in the 55 and over group, but you know that 😁 @Double Mocha Man, you can find the aging stats almost as soon as you google “age and driving distance”. I haven’t lost distance yet, but I can see it coming around the corner...
  8. 116 is pretty fast for a 55 year old. Don’t know many who are that fast for all age groups, much less at Champions Tour age? He didn’t say straight, and I didn’t read the 55 year old part. They’re probably playing in Australia where the dollar and yards are only 0.68 times the US 😂
  9. Yeah, guessing you play better under pressure. Another guess is as you age you could be adding more strokes when playing on your own, but when playing others they keep score? 😁
  10. Mine is recorded every time I play. If you shot 80s and are used to that, it’s possible that when playing against others you do better than when casually going out there and scoring for handicap? Mid-80s is basically a 10 handicap... Plus, the two you play could be vanity caps? I’d like to add... you shoot 23 over on average on your ten best taking 0.96??? I can see why they might think you’re a sand bagger 😂🤪😂
  11. Actually, I’d think that simply giving driver and 7i club head speeds with proper fit and normal swings when getting measured covers the gist of this thread? Me- 102.4/89.5 (Mevo/Trackman) 10 swings each Son-118.5 (122 fastest group of 10 average on GC Quad)/101.1 (Mevo/Trackman) Carry and total distance varies a lot depending upon strike and conditions.
  12. Sure, sometimes I hit a few extra chips and putts, but not sand shots... Unless you mean ... 😂
  13. Wow! This is why you’re so good...
  14. Off topic, but relevant to this link you posted... Clicked on the link and the page was covered with this... Home | TRUEGolfFit The world's first personalized golf fitting engine. Interesting stuff considering mine and my company’s entire RD strategy is geared towards ML. It’s really a cool way to use it. I’d bet it could be almost as good as a decent fitter? What’s even better is this type of ML can easily be applied to putting with flag in or out. I’d guess it would end up drawing the OP conclusions though... But big data needs big machines to fully process...😁
  15. Same, except I’ve found that I need to practice this once a week to keep that skill up.
  16. Not let you play through? I’ve actually never seen any triple bogey player not let someone play through? Good they had lunch...but 2:20 9s are pretty common here. It’s really packed. They didn’t play that slowly...
  17. Yeah, but I doubt you’d want to be behind him in traffic too. I got stuck behind Carl at a stop light and watched as he carefully shifted out of neutral and carefully looked both ways at a protected left turn then slowly moved the car. Not accelerate, but nudged it forward. 😂 Then there are the people who text at intersections and delay moving for tens of seconds. And on “Freeways”... Traffic in some areas is like being behind a thousands of 5-somes of all Carls.
  18. I guess he could swing over the belly? Under, if his arms are long enough? Over most likely would require a club fitting. Maybe up to +8”? The main thing would certainly being able to swing his arms freely without having his torso get in the way. Setup bent over more if he can even bend over?
  19. I don’t mind him fixing divots and everything else you mentioned, as long as he keeps PoP “Carl” is now the four letter golfer? 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 1224.6 miles from the first tee? 😁 Wow, yeah. I’m pretty used to 5 somes...
  20. Lose the weight. Don’t let him eat carbs, or pick only the ones he absolutely can’t do without and limit them. Let him eat as much meat and veggies as he likes. I lost 40 pounds pretty handily without feeling like I was sacrificing anything, lost more but gained some back... Why? He’s your good friend, and I’d think you want to keep it that way longer? It’s really unhealthy! A heart attack can happen at any moment...my daughter and Doctor made me lose my bulge with a BP reading of 170/110. Start now!
  21. It’s not like you’re not allowed to reseat the flag so it doesn’t lean as much, and I suppose pulling it is also still an option? I would pull it if it looks harder...
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